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This year, to honor ARBOR DAY, our company has decided upon planting a tree has been in our “new” home three years now, and our plot of land has slowly taken on a new character. There are a couple of keen gardeners in our midst! So among the thoughts on what type of tree we might plant came such thoughts as:

  • I’d like to see something flowering.
  • It must produce something edible – cherry? pear? apple?
  • It should be something that can survive with little maintenance; it must be something that survives long and cold winters.

Current thoughts are leaning towards this little beauty:

apple blossom

One WordPress Blogger has this particular specimen in the garden. I was so happy to find Gardening in the Lines: A Diary of Gardens because I have so little desire to garden, but LOVE looking at the work of others. Flowers, shrubs, quiet spaces in cool corners - all call to me (though do I heed that call by doing anything myself?? Does raking in the fall count?). Alas, it may not be an active blog – but the photos are still there for all to see.

Some of my favorite pins on Pinterest involve “the garden”. Our board for “GARDENS & FLOWERS” shows a broad range of applications, from potted plants and cut arrangements, to vast public gardens. And don’t discount the whimsical: find our hollowed log planter or mosaic stone swirl walkway. FUN!

There is one thing about being in the window shades business: Windows look out on the world. And whether you cover your windows for light control or privacy, when you look out you hope to see something that makes you smile…. And flowers – with their bright colors and pungent scents – are the ticket. Here in Vermont we’ve had a recent snow storm, but we’re told that “spring is just around the corner”. Our Arbor Day Tree — whatever variety it might in the end be — will soon herald that blossoming season: spring cleaning, new decorating, open windows, garden parties.


 arbor day
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This recipes offers a “secret ingredient” for what looks to be a *divine* slice of Banana Bread. I plan to welcome in the month of March with a nicely-buttered piece and a cuppa!


from Courtney Price @ Courtney Price Design

Bestselling author James Patterson announced a “first round” of funding to help Independent Booksellers. Read on to find out why CellularWindowShades (a Vermont-based company) is so thrilled!

Saying that Independent Bookstores are VITAL to communities,
Patterson is seeking information about more Indies
for further disbursements of his $1 Million.

Nominate Your Favorite Independent Bookseller Today!

In 2010, The New York Times ran a lengthy article on Patterson’s prolific output – stating that he out-sold Steven King, John Grisham, and Dan Brown combined. The article is a fascinating look at the “how” behind his industry. Writer Jonathan Mahler likened former ad-exec Patterson to Mad Man‘s Don Draper! Indeed, this one article - outlining as it does Patterson’s rise from first-time author to multiple books (with co-authors) each year rolling out onto the bestsellers’ list – gives all readers a Patterson-tutorial in a nutshell.

In 2011, CNN reported on Patterson’s ideas for getting kids to read, iterating what most readers would think the perfect solution: the encouragement of reading for children starts at HOME. At the time, Patterson was launching the site ReadKiddoRead, and pointed up the “bargain” he made with his eight-year-old: No Lawn Mowing required, but: You’re going to READ every day.


The article also has several further links parents will be glad to look over (my favorite: For the older child, visit Patterson’s Young Adult site (featuring his Witches & Wizards series). Encourage your local Independent to go “along for the ride” with Patterson’s brand-boosting ideas.

NPR’s current story (which you can listen to, as well) mentions some of the projects Independents have in mind:

“Each individual bookstore will receive up to $15,000 from Patterson, who places no limits on how they use that money. ‘It ranges from Andover Bookstore, where a son and daughter wrote and their father hadn’t had a raise since 1988…. Children’s Bookstore in Baltimore, they give books to schools and they want kids to keep the schools. Book Passage out in California will do more book fairs with it. Little Shop of Stories down in Decatur, Ga., they’re buying a bookmobile.’”

Publishers Weekly has a quick list of the Indies who have found “a check in the mail”. KUDOS to TWO Vermont Indies: Phoenix Books (Essex and Burlington locations) and The Norwich Bookstore (Norwich).



BIG SHOUT OUT to these Vermont Independent booksellers!

What better to talk about on a MONday than … the WEEKEND! so it was with interest that I opened the Houzz article, 10 Steps to a Happier Weekend, by Laura Gaskill.


I must confess, I LOVE my home. Not per se where it is; not super far away: highway, airport, train (you get the idea), but the physical space around me: masterfully-plastered ceiling in the living room, flagged by warm pine on the walls. A picture window, flanked by two more windows that just invite-in  the welcome winter sunshine, and a lovely (but under-utilized) fireplace. One bedroom is a dazzling sprightly yellow; the other a comforting water-blue. Hardwood floors, and warm-under-foot area rugs creates a pleasing environment.

My favorite weekend – like the one just past – I’ll mention as I outline the GREAT IDEAS that Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill gives us. Let’s countdown with her, and see how many ideas we can incorporate this coming weekend!

  1. Kick Off the Weekend Right – “amen!” to putting away the work week on Friday nights.
  2. Indulge on Saturday Morning – mornings are my favorite. The sun streaming in the big window helps; a comfy chair beside the window; a pile of books and a cuppa tea beside the chair. Nirvana! This weekend was spent reading. A fascinating historical “mystery” about lost and found manuscripts; I couldn’t put the book down till I finished it Sunday night.
  3. Save Up Saturday Treats – this rather goes back to No. 2: indulge – croissants, a favorite tea, a bouquet of flowers.
  4. Schedule Serenity – give yourself a “break”. At my house, the radio plays all day – classical in the a.m., and opera in the p.m. Rather like travelling, but without having to leave my armchair.
  5. Set a Work-Home Boundary – Disconnect, or, if you must, choose “pockets of time” to do what can’t be left.
  6. Pick a Weekend High Point – this could be a home project, or maybe just dinner and a movie!
  7. Cook a Double Dinner - this one had me puzzled, until I read the commentary: in short, cook enough so you have left overs! Consider, also, cooking enough for an elderly relative, friend, or neighbor. A co-worker snowblowed for his snowed-in neighbor, a dear friend of mine, this past weekend. That was really nice to hear!
  8. Go thru a Sunday Evening Check List – nothing worst than “preparing” for the week ahead at the last possible minute. Stressful! Laura gives us a short list of things to “hit” before Sunday ends.
  9. Create (weekend) Closure – “Let yourself off the hook for ANYTHING that didn’t get done.”
  10. Set a Positive Intention for the week ahead – mine this week is looking over that pile of books (or maybe there’ll be something new in tomorrow’s mail). Happy President’s Day for those lucky enough to have a three-day weekend this week!


taking a long & relaxing bath is easy, when you’ve this tub and wicker display


{cue the Rocky music}


… and they’ve picked!


houzz best 2014

in our email

We received our ‘badge’ for Customer Satisfaction, which is determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews received in 2013.

This prize really belongs to Michelle — you’ve read her work here, when she’s guest blogged.

I was out yesterday, and reading today’s email, when I spotted the news. Makes battling today’s snowstorm worthwhile.

Houzz is a fabulous source for talking about home decor, soliciting comments and thoughts about your decor problems, as well as spotting that fun lamp or gorgeous carpet! I urge you to check it out – and especially check out our Idea Books, Posts and Projects. It’s prize-winning!

blanket winner

**Michelle has CWS covered**

best of 2014 houzz

Perusing HOUZZ, this article’s very title compelled me to read it:

not my books!

The story begins with a conversation:

Years ago I was chatting with an acquaintance, and she referred to a weekly meeting she attended without naming it. I asked her what it was.

“Overreaders Anonymous,” she said.

I froze. I had no idea there was such a 12-step group, but if anyone was an overreader, I knew I was. And then my auditory memory caught up with my fervid imagination, and I realized she had actually said, “Overeaters,” and I resumed breathing.

Like author Alison Hodgson, reading is my drug of choice. I must say, in my defense, that much has been amassed over the years that interests me still: favorite authors, authoritative texts on history, fascinating biographies. For the most part, my books ARE books that I cherish and dip into, and yes, sometimes, re-read.

But what of those “lesser” books, gifts or really-wrong purchases. Why are those still in my house?!

Alison Hodgson uses a two-fold system to winnow out the duds:

Do I love it?

Will I read it again?

If your answer, over and over again, is “yes” – take a look at Houzz and get some ideas for shelves, like these:

library books

Alison has also included a “housekeeping” section to her article, as well as a link to Lisa Frederick’s article on “accessorizing with paperbacks”. (One of her thoughts: Group by color!)

If more shelves, carousels, and book nooks are not in the cards, and “downsizing” your library is a must, don’t forget to read Alison’s “4 Obstacles to Decluttering — and How to Beat Then.”

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