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This year, to honor ARBOR DAY, our company has decided upon planting a tree has been in our “new” home three years now, and our plot of land has slowly taken on a new character. There are a couple of keen gardeners in our midst! So among the thoughts on what type of tree we might plant came such thoughts as:

  • I’d like to see something flowering.
  • It must produce something edible – cherry? pear? apple?
  • It should be something that can survive with little maintenance; it must be something that survives long and cold winters.

Current thoughts are leaning towards this little beauty:

apple blossom

One WordPress Blogger has this particular specimen in the garden. I was so happy to find Gardening in the Lines: A Diary of Gardens because I have so little desire to garden, but LOVE looking at the work of others. Flowers, shrubs, quiet spaces in cool corners – all call to me (though do I heed that call by doing anything myself?? Does raking in the fall count?). Alas, it may not be an active blog – but the photos are still there for all to see.

Some of my favorite pins on Pinterest involve “the garden”. Our board for “GARDENS & FLOWERS” shows a broad range of applications, from potted plants and cut arrangements, to vast public gardens. And don’t discount the whimsical: find our hollowed log planter or mosaic stone swirl walkway. FUN!

There is one thing about being in the window shades business: Windows look out on the world. And whether you cover your windows for light control or privacy, when you look out you hope to see something that makes you smile…. And flowers – with their bright colors and pungent scents – are the ticket. Here in Vermont we’ve had a recent snow storm, but we’re told that “spring is just around the corner”. Our Arbor Day Tree — whatever variety it might in the end be — will soon herald that blossoming season: spring cleaning, new decorating, open windows, garden parties.


 arbor day



As May begins, we celebrate two “May 1st” observances: May Day, of course, but how apropos for a company that produces Window Shades to see that May 1st is also commemorating NEW HOMEOWNER’S DAY! Can there be any better way to celebrate that milestone than by order some cellular shade fabric samples and anticipating a “face lift” of your windows?

According to Brownielocks and the Three Bears (see post below, Thou hath more hair), May is quite well covered when it comes to the pursuits of things like gardening and cooking:

  • May is Clean Air Month
  • May is Gifts from the Garden Month
  • May is National Barbeque Month
  • May is Nation Egg Month
  • May is National Salad Month
  • and May is National Smile Month!

There are observances for:

  • Astronomy Week (2-8)
  • National Wildflower Week (ditto)
  • American Craft Beer Week (16-21)
  • Free Comic Book Day (two! May 1 & 7)
  • Garden Meditation Day (May 3)
  • Cinco de Mayo (May 5, of course)
  • VE Day (May 8)
  • Mother’s Day (ditto)
  • Letter Carrier’s Food Drive Day (May 14)
  • National Pizza Party Day (who knew!? May 15)
  • Victoria Day in Canada
  • Memorial Day in the US

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