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At we manufacture custom window treatments at affordable prices!

Because we are the factory we have cut out the middle man, along with the middle man expenses. Those savings we pass along to you, our customer.

We have been building cellular shades for over 10 years so we know what we’re doing, and have the knowledge to help our customers get the right product no matter your situation.

Each order gets star-treatment! Orders are entered, checked and verified, emailed to you for your records, and then sent into Production. The shades you receive in return are signed by the craftsperson who assembled them. And we back our shades with the best warranty in the industry:  For 10 years, even the strings.


We are here to help, and love to chat — so should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us in the manner best suited to your needs:

  • give us a call at (877) 966-3678
  • email us at service[at]cellularwindowshades[dot]com
    snail mail: 8 Leroy RD, Williston, VT 05495
  • or leave us a message on the form below!

We look forward to working with you.

The CWS Team

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On a snowy end-of-February day in 2011, the move from Essex to our new Williston, Vermont facility took place! Here’s a look at the exterior of the building:

Our Web Team consults with you about your order from the windowed-area to the left; much of the middle part of the building is where your shades are cut, assembled, and hang for that final quality-control inspection. Shades then ship from the loading dock just out of view. shipping Shades around the globe:

webteam042014bErin — Kelly M. — Matt
From Our Hands to Your Home


2 Responses to "About Us"

I’m planning cellular shades for two side-by-side windows with a 3 3/4 inch wide vertical divider between them. Total width is 105 inches, length is 62 inches. Which would be better (and why), one full-width shade or two shades side-by-side?

Hi, Maureen — Thanks for your question!

105-inches is a tremendously wide shade — think of the amount of fabric that has to be hauled up when you want to lift such a shade. Two shades (each then being about 52 inches) make more sense just from that manufactury stand-point.

On the practical side, anything that long, if ordered via the internet and shipped to you, would have to travel via freight – which is the more costly to you, the consumer. Especially as most internet sites — our own included — would pick up the UPS cost (free shipping) for smaller packages.

You don’t say whether both windows would open. Two shades give you the option of having one or both shades opened or closed. This could be important to you if your home’s room, say, faces a busy street and you want to minimize lookers-in while enjoying a breath of fresh summer air from open windows.

I have THREE windows in a row — a stationary plate glass window flanked by operable sash windows. Theoretically, the entire unit could be one GIANT shade, but I’ve always treated them as three — except for the drapes, which can span the entire section.

Smaller shades would also give you some options: would you prefer a cellular shade that has the ability to open from the top as well as from the bottom (Top Down Bottom Up – also called ‘Duofold’)? Or you would like to go cordless, with no external strings? Or would you like to invest in the ComforTrack side track system for increased energy efficiency?

You should also cast a thought at the idea of future repairs or replacement: one shade means the entire window area is out of order if the shade doesn’t work or needs to go out for repair. And happens if a pet or well-intentioned visitor rips a hole in the fabric? Far easier to replace one smaller shade….

So, in the end, think of function, ease of installation and daily use.

Hope these ideas help, Maureen!

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