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$30 off ALL Lift Option Upgrades, including our popular

cellular shades, top down / bottom up

Top Down Bottom Up
 (choice of Standard or Smoothy or Cordless model)


(choice of Top Down Bottom Up here too!)


even Motorized!


The above photo illustrates the Symphony Shade’s ComforTrack Plus “sidetrack” system – as you can see, it creates a “seal” between the cold or hot temperatures outside, and your climate-controlled interior. By reducing the exchange of exterior air through the windows and into your room, this “total package” of cellular shade AND sidetracks significantly reduces both winter heating costs and summer air-conditioning bills.

And we’ve got DATA to back up our claims:


While the main function of the ComforTrack Plus sidetracks is to help block air exchange, as the photos above demonstrate, they do a nice job of blocking side light gaps too!


  • Minimum inside mount depth: 1 1/2″
  • Flush inside mount: 1 7/8″
  • The widest width of the window cannot exceed the narrowest width of the window by more than 3/8″
depth for tracks

Measure depth at narrowest point
(cranks, handles, locks count as obstructions)


  • Sidetracks are easy to install: Sidetracks attach to the window casing with an adhesive-backed magnet strip.
  • Tracks are made of durable, high-tech plastic.
  • Notched track at upper edge and specially designed bottom end caps provide snug fit at top & bottom of shade.
  • Increases privacy and room darkening by closing side light gaps between the shade and window frames.
top notch side tracks

Track’s notched top fits around headrail

Current Sale:

side tracks sale

At, we are big fans of all things cellular shades as you probably already know. However, we do understand the importance of incorporating other window treatments in your home to complement your cell shades. One of favorite window treatments is roller shades, like cellular shades, they do an amazing job when it comes to filtering out the light and giving you privacy from the outside world.

Roller Shades 1

While they may not have the insulating properties that cell shades have, they still perform better  then the majority of available window treatments you can buy. If you have large windows that are too large for cell shades, roller shades might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The combination of these two treatments will have your guests in awe the next time you visit your home.

For your convenience, we have a sister site that offers roller shades for both residential and commercial spaces.  Our sister site is called EcoSmart Roller Shades, just like our cellular products, we manufacturer our roller shades in house. This means we have a cost advantage over our competitors, allowing you to get the best prices online. It also allows us maintain quality control internally, you can even talk to the person who made your roller shade should you decide that you want to.

Your Source for Insulating Cellular Shades

CWS offers custom-made cellular shades in both double and single cell light-filtering or blackout fabrics.

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