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Many people are interested in cordless shades, especially after recent concerns over child and pet safety. Be advised, however, of the steps you can take to keep cords out of reach: with cord cleats, velcro dots, cord guides. We take child-safety seriously at CellularWindowShades!

We also take our Production standards to stringent margins — and we found the combination of double cell blackout fabric (often desired in bedroom settings) with the Cordless did not function, over time, as well as we could have hoped. Therefore, in the spring the decision was taken to remove the double cell blackout fabric as an option for Cordless shades.

Q: So what is your option for the room-darkening effects of a blackout combined with the ease of the Cordless shade?

A: Single cell blackout fabric from the 1/2-inch, or Virtuoso line. This combination gives you the best product for ease of operation.

We also have available — at a terrific 30% off! — the 3/8-inch single cell “Fanfare” line. Please note that these fabrics are only available with the Standard Cord Lock or the Top Down Bottom Up operating features.

When in doubt: the Light Filtering double-cell fabric works for all the different lifting methods: Standard Cord Lock; Top Down Bottom Up; Continuous Cord Loop (the “Smoothy”); Cordless; as well as Motorized.

Check out our website for more information on lift operation choices!

We added a couple new pages to our blog, The Inside Scoop at CellularWindowShades:

Check out our handy guide: How to Measure for Symphony Shades. Learn the tricks of the trade, and you will measure with confidence and success.

We’ve also include two video links, produced by Comfortex; the most useful follows the installation of a shade with side tracks from start to finish, including bracket placement and track placement.

Especially important here, the “handyman” is shown measuring for window depth. We’ve had customers with casement windows who have installed tracks, but left little room for the shade to come down unimpeded and now have to pull the shade — gently, gently — beyond the cranks and locks of their windows. Take five seconds to determine if you have enough clearance, just as this man does.

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CWS offers custom-made cellular shades in both double and single cell light-filtering or blackout fabrics.

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