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Being a lover of anything historical, it was with a bit of sadness that I read the following headline:  WALTER REED CLOSING AFTER MORE THAN 100 YEARS OF TREATING WOUNDED SOLDIERS.

Read the MSNBC story here.

The story intimates that while some buildings of the facility will have “landmark status”, others will be torn down or converted. It also makes it sound like the poor buildings were rather left to ruination for a fair amount of time. Terrible to hear of ill people being amid mice and mold.

So, you might be wondering, was there ever a Walter Reed — indeed! And the story has been running a photo (great to see) of the man himself:

Major Walter Reed lived 1851 to 1902; he was an Army physician. The photo is dated to c1875.

The “ceremonial flags” will retire today, July 27, 2011.

A true end of an era, and it comes in a year commemorating the 150th anniversary of the US Civil War.

Today’s weather reports predict a “Massive Heatwave” for the mid-United States. Here are some tips for keeping cool:

  • During the day, close blinds and/or curtains to keep out the sun’s heat; open windows in the evening & night to draw in the cooler nighttime temperatures.
  • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Seek air-conditioned stores, shops, movie theaters.
  • Check on elderly relatives and neighbors; children and pets also feel the heat — but can’t always complain.

NewsOne had this to say about June’s sweltering heatwave: “At Stanford, Noah S. Diffenbaugh and Martin Scherer analyzed global climate computer models and concluded that by midcentury, large areas of the world could face unprecedented heat. They said the coolest summers will be hotter than the hottest ones of the 1900s.”

Worst news: “unbearable humidity”!

Let’s take a look at our winter infrared photos:

Here (of course) the blue signals exterior cold seeping in through a shadeless window – the reading is at 28 degree Fahrenheit. Photo 2 shows that same window with a cellular shade drawn down – temperature reading has now risen to 61.5 degrees. The “flames” of cold blue are the “exposed” areas to the side of the shade — which, in photo 3, are sealed by the Comfortrack Sidetrack system. A small rise in temperature accompanies the use of the sidetrack system (to 64 degrees).

Now, think in terms of OUTSIDE HEAT — what is BLUE (cooler) would then photograph RED (warmer), and what is seen above as RED (warmer) would then photograph BLUE (cooler). This works for windows, skylights, arches — any glassed area that potentially can be covered by a cellular window shade! A-ma-zing, huh?

I’ll take a leaf out of a colleagues book and say, on Shameless Promotion Friday, that if you are experiencing such excessive heat situations now run — don’t walk — to your nearest computer with internet and check out our shade offerings: Once installed, you will be glad you did! Just in the last two days I’ve spoken to a woman with a green house — glass walls, glass ceiling; she and her family are broiling…. And one gent called to *finally* order a skylight shade for the kitchen. Why “finally”? He and his wife were “cooking” — but the wife was cooking in that kitchen any longer; she stood at his elbow while he called to order the shade!

Our Colors of the Month this July are PEACH and PINK (get an extra 10% off!); so let’s take a look at what “color psychology” has to say about these shades! (ooh, no pun intended…)

Let’s evaluate PINK first:

Pink is said to be calming (maybe that accounts for the color of Pepto Bismol?), and of course is the color of Love & Romance! mentions the following attributes given to Pink (and I don’t mean the Singer!):

  • Femininity – they cite pink hair bows, pink finger nail polish, and pink bedrooms as the epitome of “girlishness”.
  • Peace – Flower Power, man…
  • Love – if nothing else, pink Conversation Hearts!
  • Happiness – flushed faces, anyone?
  • Passivity – drunk tanks and sport-opponent locker rooms (short-term calming effect); o-kay

Empower Yourself with Color Psychology has some interesting thoughts on Pink, including color variations (like salmon or hot pink).

This website combines “color psychology” with home decoration: Your home IS the Blank Canvas, according to There are tips here for accent colors, coordinating colors, as well as “making a statement”!

Check out ALL the CWS cellular shade colors here.


Feel like you’re frying??

Everyone discusses the “insulating” power of cellular shades in winter = they keep the cold drafts off! But, guess what? cellular shades insulate against the hot rays of the sun too!

Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting in your favorite chair beside the window, or under the skylight, and the sun’s just beating down on you. Do you feel hot? You bet! Now if you have a window shade, lower it so that the beating sun is just a dapple of light on the other side. Don’t you instantly feel cooler?! And you feel cooler because you ARE cooler, the shade’s insulation power is working to keep the heat outdoors, where it belongs. This, in the long-run, saves you $$$ = feeling cooler means you keep the thermostat at its present level instead of turning it down.

A bonus: how green a solution is this? You save money and also energy!

Check out our “cooling” window shades page on the CWS website.

Being so close to the US-Canada border (30 miles?), we wish our Canadian friends, family and clients “HAPPY CANADA DAY!”

Even the US news has stories on William & Kate’s visit, so doing a search about Canada Day, certainly much about them came up; here’s a small taste, from the Christian Science Monitor:

Our nearest province is, of course, French Quebec; so it is interesting to note that this date (formerly termed Dominion Day) celebrates the enactment of the British North American Act in 1867, which “united three British colonies into a single country, called Canada…”.

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