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The above photo illustrates the Symphony Shade’s ComforTrack Plus “sidetrack” system – as you can see, it creates a “seal” between the cold or hot temperatures outside, and your climate-controlled interior. By reducing the exchange of exterior air through the windows and into your room, this “total package” of cellular shade AND sidetracks significantly reduces both winter heating costs and summer air-conditioning bills.

And we’ve got DATA to back up our claims:


While the main function of the ComforTrack Plus sidetracks is to help block air exchange, as the photos above demonstrate, they do a nice job of blocking side light gaps too!


  • Minimum inside mount depth: 1 1/2″
  • Flush inside mount: 1 7/8″
  • The widest width of the window cannot exceed the narrowest width of the window by more than 3/8″
depth for tracks

Measure depth at narrowest point
(cranks, handles, locks count as obstructions)


  • Sidetracks are easy to install: Sidetracks attach to the window casing with an adhesive-backed magnet strip.
  • Tracks are made of durable, high-tech plastic.
  • Notched track at upper edge and specially designed bottom end caps provide snug fit at top & bottom of shade.
  • Increases privacy and room darkening by closing side light gaps between the shade and window frames.
top notch side tracks

Track’s notched top fits around headrail

Current Sale:

side tracks sale


For the past three years Comfortex — the company who manufactures the fabric and parts uses on your window and skylight shades — has presented consumers with some fantastic tax credit programs. For 2011 the scheme seemed to happen with little fanfare, but, as we’ve heard nothing about it being continued a fourth year, 2011 may very well end this “bonus”.

read a testimonial

CLICK to read a testimonial about cellular shades & sidetracks

What is the Federal Tax Credit for which Cellular Window Blinds qualify??

Energy Efficiency Tax Credits are available on selected products for existing home. These items include Windows, Doors, insulation Products & Systems. The ComforTrack Plus Energy Sidetracks qualifies for Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency under the insulation category: The ComforTrack Plus Insulation System is specifically and primarily designed to reduced heat loss or gain in a house.

Please note: all homeowners should consult their tax advisor to determine whether they qualify for income tax credits. You may also wish to visit

The Tax Credit offered is 10% of your purchase price with a lifetime cap of $500. By the way: “tax deductible” means you can subtract the value from your taxable income — lowering the amount you pay taxes on!

Important is the time frame: you have until 31 December 2011 to get your ComforTrack shades put into service. That means, with Production Time (currently 5-10 business days) you have until DECEMBER 9th to order your side track shades from

**Ordering by December 9th enables you to receive your order
and install your shades prior to the year-end Federal Tax Credit deadline**

Once you receive your shades,

  1. keep your receipt (we can help with misplaced receipts; email us!)
  2. print out this Certificate
  3. submit IRS Tax Form 5695

Here’s a handy list of useful web information:


check out this cool testimonial about a Cellular Window Shade, with ComforTrack Plus sidetracks purchased through our sister-site Build-It-Solar had a tricky installation, but are estimating their window-storm-shade-sidetracks now has a combined R-value of 8.3! Great close-up photos of the sidetrack system.

With the weather turning colder — even traditionally warm areas of the U.S. have experienced cooler weather lately, thoughts have been turning to windows.

How much cooler-air leaks through your windows can be the difference between comfort and turning up the heat. Or, as I was reminded yesterday by a co-worker: turning ON the heat.

Here’s a truly lovely room:

I can image curling up in one of these chairs, with the throw over the knees, that good book in hand. What happens, though, when the sun stops shining, the cool night descends and you still want to keep on reading?? Pull down your shades and you may even be able to throw off that throw!

So, how about those R-Values?

I copy some information that is found in fuller form on our website: PROVEN SAVINGS ON COOLING AND HEATING COSTS

Whenever I speak with customers, I give the R-values for “shade alone”. Everyone seems to know R-values of their windows; to that number add these R-values for the Double cell fabric:

  • Double Cell Light Filtering fabric – 2.8 R-value
  • Double Cell Black Out fabric – 4.0 R-value

Or, add these values for the Single cell fabric:

  • Single Cell Light Filtering fabric – 1.6 R-value
  • Single Cell Black Out fabric – 2.5 R-value

And how do Cellular Window Shades compare to other window treatments? We’ve got information on that too:

Looking at just R-values (our online comparison charts Energy Efficiency of Cellular Shades versus Other Window Treatments encompasses also cleanability, ease of operation, and overall product ratings),

  • 1-inch Mini blinds or Vertical Blinds – 2.3 R-value
  • Pleated Shades – 2.5 R-value
  • “Crystalpleat” Facets – 3.3 R-value
  • Applause or Duette Classic – 3.5 R-value

It might interest you, with the entry of two Hunter Douglas products (the Applause and Duette), to read this recent one-page article in This Old House magazine.

What about the ubiquitous Window Quilt? How does the Cellular Window Shade stack up? We’ve some GREAT information on all aspects of the Window Quilt versus the Cellular Shade so do read the website for further information, here I’ll just comment on the R-value:

Data includes the window this time, so the bulky Window Quilt is projected to have an R-value of 7.14 depending on the window. The comparable test with the Cellular Window Shade found the R-value to be nearly neck-and-near: R-value of 6.8, likewise depending on window glazing.

If you want to better ever those values, check out literature on the Energy-Savings Side Tracks, the ComforTrack-Plus system!

With Side Tracks, you gain more light-blocking AND also these greater R-values:

  • Double Cell Light Filtering fabric – 2.8 R-value —> 3.3 R-value + your window’s R-value
  • Double Cell Black Out fabric – 4.0 R-value —> 4.7 R-value + your window’s R-value

Now THAT is “Value” and true “bang for your buck”.

And, for the 2011 Tax Year: These shades qualify for Federal Energy Tax Credit!
(more on that subject next)

Breaking News!

Comfortex, the “inventor” of the ComforTrack sidetrack system, has recently announced that the US Government has been certified for Tax Credit (those taxes done in 2012) of up to $500 for purchases made between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011.

“Comfortex Corporation certifies that the following ComforTrack Plus Energy Saving Sidetrack Insulation System products are ‘Eligible Building Envelope Components’ that qualify as insulation systems for the federal Tax Credit allowed under Internal Revenue Code 25C…”

CWS is in the midst of adding the new “2011 Manufacturer’s Certification Statement” to our website, but in the meantime, here’s the link to the same document through Comfortex’s website.

* * *

A very interesting “find” by a colleague here in the CWS office: an Idaho home inspector who just raves about our “northern Vermont company”! While they credit us with “creating” the sidetrack system, it’s the system itself which obviously has made them into raving fans:

“plastic tracks that you mount on the inside of your window frame… have a small plastic ridge that fits into a notch cut into the ends of the pleats.  You can hardly see these side tracks, and do not even notice them unless one is looking closely at the window frame.  These side tracks eliminate that “R” stealing gap that occurs naturally with traditional blinds.  When installed, these side track blinds add an “R” value….”

The writer goes on to talk about the impact on his home, comfort, bills, and bank account:

“I recommend you purchase just one… and install it in your bedroom.  Your room will be instantly much warmer in the winter months, and you’ll be able to turn your thermostat down without reducing your comfort.  In the summer months, you won’t need the air conditioning as much.  I am certain that you’ll be so impressed, you’ll do like I did and outfit the entire house with them.  These blinds have reduced my monthly heating and cooling costs by about $30 per month.  The money I save on utilities will pay for the cost of these blinds in only a few years.  So, instead of a 20+ year cost recoup time… I am looking at recouping the cost in less than 5 years.  After that, they are just money in the bank.”

Our own thermal photos: open shade, closed shade, sidetracked shade

The greatest of praise is reserved for our firm’s “customer service”, which has to include in this instance (a repair) our wonderful Production Team:

“The thing that impressed me the most with this company is their service.  All of the blinds I ordered from them were exactly what I ordered and they all fit perfectly.  About seven months after installing one of the blinds, it developed a problem in the retraction mechanism and would not allow the blind to go up or down.  I sent them an e-mail asking for advice on how to repair the mechanism.  They mailed back to me a UPS label for company paid shipping… asking me instead to send the blind back to Vermont, so I did.  Yesterday, I arrived home from work to find my blind had been returned to me in full working order.  No questions asked.  No cost.  This is what has impressed me the most.  These people operate their business with old fashioned American values.  A good product at a fair price.  American made… American backed.  With fantastic service… standing behind their product.”

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