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… just looking at the exterior of THIS home, featured recently in the New York Times – here’s the one _I_ wouldn’t mind inhabiting:


Writer Elaine Louie‘s article is accompanied by nineteen photos – though most of them treat objects found within this Stockton, New Jersey home. How I wish they had included more interior shots of whole rooms. Although antiques are lovely, and antique-hunters will be glad to see the ‘from where,’ ‘how purchased’ and ‘prices,’ the rooms of this place would have been more meaningful!

The exterior shot shows the balance exhibited by this facade. How inventive to included ONE brown door. It really propels you up the walkway and to the “front” door. As do the twin – very big, very bold – lamps. Can almost see the candles flicker in them, from this distance.

What melts my heart, though, is the stone work. There is a town in the southern part of our state that is quite famous for its stone buildings: CHESTER DEPOT, Vermont. On the National Historic Register!

So, I was already predisposed to enjoy the looks of this property.

The owners – John and Judy Hobday – date the house to 1810. Hear the clop of hooves…? The swish of skirts, and the click of boots on the walk…?


Even their “outbuilding” has great character — something of that wistful “enchanted cottage” look, especially with the creeping vine.





simon pearce handblown lamp

And, inside, a Simon Pearce Handblown Lamp – One of the main Simon Pearce sites being located in Windsor, Vermont (in the southern part of our state).

Spring and Summer is a time of year that MANY municipalities encourage owners of historic or unusual houses to open their doors for viewing. I cannot say that this home is open for visitors, but I did run across a listing – another New York Times article entitled (appropriately!) Gawkers, Welcome. Tickets prices run the gamut of not-bad to pricey – but their list encompasses the whole country. How could it not start off in the Metro area, but it does then meander up to New England (brief stop in Vermont), down to the south, and over towards the west.

I encourage readers of The Inside Scoop at CellularWindowShades to “show & tell” about YOUR dream place. It may be a locality – it may be an architectural style. You can include a photo, or a link – but especially, tell the story of “why you love it”. Give us something to add to our Pinterest boards, for instance What’s Your Style? or Favorite Places & Spaces.




In his lastest MARKET READY column in The New York Times, Tim McKeough answers the reader question:

Q: — “We have cheap temporary blinds. Is it worth investing in better window coverings before selling?”

Jennifer Ferland, a real estate agent, tellingly suggests: “‘[I]t’s funny the little things that can steer buyers away from feeling comfortable in a home.’ … If your blinds are lackluster, ‘You should absolutely invest in new window shades,’ she said. Adding upgraded window coverings would help it show better.”

Celerie Kemble, an interior designer, adds: “‘But it’s an investment… To elevate a space, you obviously need to pick something that’s a step up….'”

One customer who purchased from a few months ago was going through this same dilemma. In a tough housing market, this seller knew that new cellular shades not only gave her an additional selling point, she also gained the benefit of living in the house with the shades!

Better than my friend who put in hardwood flooring — which she had LONG wanted — then moved out of the house and let the realtor do his business.

Rather than checking out the box places the article suggests (The Shade Store, Smith & Noble, Janovic, Pottery Barn), check out our selection of fabrics, lift options and blind style combinations at!

Only yesterday morning I was talking with a gentleman in Randolph, Vermont, who said, “If I had realized was in Vermont I’d have ordered long ago.” Yep, each shade in an order is individually produced and hand-assembled, right here in our Williston, Vermont, home. And our blinds cost less than you might think, especially with our current 20% off sale (until 2 January 2012).

Mr. McKeough’s September column is discussed here in Market Ready?

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