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Decor Ideas for your window from TLC: “If eyes are the windows to the soul, then… windows are … one of the most important decorating decisions facing the homeowner.”

“Window treatments are more than a decorating decision… — [they] must also serve a functional end: to admit or block sunlight and to provide privacy. Window treatments need to do far more than look good.”

ANALYZE your needs:

  • How important is privacy?
  • What direction is the room’s “exposure” (south or west = sunny)?
  • Does your climate (hot or cold) call for energy-efficient window treatments?
  • Does the window’s architecture dictate a particular treatment?

How to make your Window Solution SIZZLE:

Sage Decorating ADVICE:

  • Absence of color doesn’t have to mean a lack of style at the windows.
  • Reflect your lifestyle: Casual and bold can be fun!
  • Shades “come in a range of diverse looks and executions. Compatible with virtually any decorating and architectural style”.
  • Choose from Clean-lined – Highly Decorative; Translucent – Opaque; Patterned – Solid.
  • “Because the blinds provide all the privacy and sunlight function … drapery treatment over them really can be for appearance only“. Try “fluid and spontaneous”.



Looking through magazines over the weekend, I came across two US-based companies that deal in designs. Blog readers of The Inside Scoop at will appreciate the ease with which you can customize more and more of your decor.

Have you ever wanted to design your own fabrics? allows the inner-William Morris in you to blossom!

With you can order fabrics based on their designs, or upload your own design and see it become unique yardage. The above fabric – CHERRY, by Troismiettes – is found under Classic –> floral. 

Posted on the site by JesseLeeDesigns is an 18-inch drum pendant light, made with this fabric:

JesseLeeDesigns appears on

Envision pairing this with our new Cellular Shade color Tobago Blue — one of 17 new colors on our website. A lovely match for this little “blue” bird! Or, how about a little Shade in Espresso to match the “brown” bird? Gardenia would compliment the blossoms. The combinations are endless!

* * *

William Morris also designed wallpaper, and York Wallcoverings offers spectacular designs for papers, with over 15,000 designs for residential and commercial applications. Their document and design archive go back to the 1700s!

If you’re interested in the history of America’s oldest and largest wallpaper manufacturer, watch their video!

* * *

Don’t miss out on the Inside Scoop’s earlier blog post about Canvas Floorcoverings, made in Vermont.

Happy Leap “Day” – February 29th

Home Decor DYI has a useful article on Choosing Color Palettes for your Home, rightly commenting that “the right combination” can make your room (and ultimately your entire home) “look fresh”! There is something about this bedroom, with its soft cream and pink and the punch of lime green which screams “perky,” “clean,” and, yes, “fresh”. What a *fun* room to call one’s own!

Choosing The Color Palette has a link to even more room ideas and color palette combinations; Click for the Color Palette page at Home Dzine. Guaranteed that they will offer ideas to nearly everyone. Those who love a soft blue, or the pop of deep purple; those who dare to paint and upholster with orange; those who are wild for stripes — whether on the floor or on the wall; all will find some decorating idea to take away.

So why all this talk of “color“???

N E W S !     N E W S !     N E W S ! announces 17 *new* colors!

* * *


  • Woodwind (light peach)
  • Caprice (dark peach)
  • Baroque (dark rose)
  • Fugue (blue-grey)
  • Espresso (dark brown)
  • Harvest Gold (gold)
  • Eucalyptus (yellow-green)
  • Molto (pale green)
  • Favori (dark green)
  • Largo (blue-green)
  • Estro (sky blue)
  • Arpeggio (grass green)
  • Presto (light sand)
  • Firebird (bright red)


  • Deep Blue (dark blue)
  • Tobago Blue (aqua)
  • Princess Pink (pink) 

* * *

FEATURES of our cellular fabrics:

  • Light Diffusing material gently filters light, reducing glare. Perfect for all rooms. Double cellular construction, beauty, function and value. Higher energy efficiency than other competitive cellular shades. Outstanding shading coefficient. Black Out material: Non-woven bonded polyester double honeycomb fabric, with integrated foil technology.
  • Fabrics block 100% of UV Rays, protecting your art and furnishings.
  • Pleat Retention: Crisp 3/8” double honeycomb cellular construction will not sag and/or flatten. No exposed internal cords as happens with pleated shades.
  • Non-woven Bonded Polyester Fabric: Easy care, highly durable, washable (light filtering; black out fabrics should be only spot cleaned), dust resistant, and will not fray or fade.
  • Compact Stacking Height: When the shade is raised, its stack is compact and unobtrusive (see details on FAQ page)
  • Limited Lifetime Fabric Warranty: Our commitment to your satisfaction.
  • Double Cellular Construction: Dramatically enhanced performance. Increased energy efficiency over Duette Classic.
  • White to the outside: Uniform off-white (neutral) color to the outside for a neutral street-side appearance.
  • This fabric is GreenGuard certified by Comfortex – which means they do not reduce indoor air quality as some fabrics can.

* * *

On HomeTalk’s wonderful Question/Answer blog, Natalie W. has post that “A good starting point is to determine the mood you want for {your} room and what kind of decor you are planning on putting in there.” Read more.

Nice look at bedrooms and color:

Searching the site for bedrooms color, turned up this series of posts.

So bring a little *magic* to your home.

Remember, adding color is FREE!

Received over email yesterday a little tidbit from designer Michael Payne (I love his “Designing for the Sexes” show on HGTV!): Michael discusses adding color to your home decor to “enliven” your living space.

Even a “splash” of color can really give a room a little pick-me-up. My living room is a shell of warm-toned wood: oak flooring and knotty pine panels on the walls. Add to that a fantastic “fan” plasterwork ceiling and a lovely (and large!) brick fireplace flanked by two bookcases and you have the setting of a cosy evening inside while the storms swirl outside.

Color can come anywhere — from throw pillows on sofas and chairs, to a popping piece of artwork. Experiment!

Michael’s advice includes bringing in plants — something blooming (especially in the middle of winter!) is just the tonic for winter blues. Among my favorites are the ever-in-bloom begonia and the “tropical” appeal of the broad-leafed peace lily. See Better Homes & Gardens for recommendations of “24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants“!

<– Can you imagine having these plush “rose-blush” blossoms crowding in a sunny spot in your home? I can! Add a sharp straw basket planter, or my personal favorite the copper pot and you’ve added ‘zing’ to your room!

Michael stays focused on ‘windows’ by then moving from plants to tassels and curtain tiebacks. Readers of The Scoop know that the cellular shades on the window can also add that dash of color and pattern. We’ve plans to add some *NEW* light filtering fabric options in the near future — so stay tuned, and come back often to check out the latest thoughts, ideas and problem solutions.

To visit Michael Payne’s website, click here.




It’s even Revolutionary!

No, this isn’t a picture of snow (don’t rush things!), but of COTTON BOLLS, ready for harvesting.

It’s not the material, per se, that make us blog today about cotton, but the COLOR: a beautiful, brilliant, natural WHITE. Ever seen anything like it?!?

The front inside cover of HOME TEXTILES TODAY, the “Business & Fashion Newspaperof the Home Textiles Industry,” has quite the evocative photograph, though their cotton bolls are “blown” and exceptionally full. But, as we discuss color, it’s interesting to see what seems hot and new on the following page: purples and hot pinks, jewel-like reds all pop from the photographs opposite.

As we’ve mentioned in an earlier post: don’t be AFRAID of color: embrace it! What beauty the “natural” white takes on when coupled with vibrant wall color and sparkling wood tones. Think of grandma’s crisp linen bedding, with hints of bright jewel-toned embroidery. Colors work best in tandem with each other, bouncing off, complimenting, contrasting. In a darkly-colored room, white shades will simply *sparkle*; but for those who adore brights and whites, think what tones of color on your windows could accent those important areas.

Color is the spice of life — add some to your home, today!

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