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We’ve recently joined houzz, the wonderful home-design website. Visitors can peek at our postings, or pose your own design dilemma queries! I cannot say enough about the site. If you’ve never visited, click on the picture to start off with the Profile for and visit away. We’re building up our pictures and would LOVE comments, likes, views.


Today’s post is a simple plea: Help CWS -> aka By posting reviews of our products, you make us not only easier for other homeowners and apartment dwellers to find out about our product, you “boost” our visibility at HOUZZ.

Being more “visible” means that more of our customers will share photos and that means:

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Two things grab me about this photograph:

The sets of shelves with glass doors which off-set the shelf that’s left open.

The gentle curve that opens out the corner.

While some of this room seems dated – (very Retro!?) – I pulled this photo to bring up the HOUZZ article on turning a small, unused room into a “library”.

Who doesn’t need more ROOM?

Especially for BOOKS.

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What better for a Sunday post than the London Landmark of
Saint Paul’s Cathedral:

click to visit

This church has withstood wars, bombs, and a restructured skyline. Its predecessor perished in the Great Fire of London. You can take the full tour of Saint Paul’s by clicking on the picture above, or take a mini-tour at London Drum City Guide. I count myself among those who have made the climb to the Whispering Gallery to test out the acoustics within the dome. Made it, too, to the Stone Gallery for a view over the whole of London, but never went as far as the Golden Gallery. Too many steps (another 150)? Not open? Pressed for time? Who can remember…

Nowadays, Queen Anne pretty much overlooks nothing but traffic, yet visitors still take a pew on the stairs and listen to the Bells of Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

Explore the Cathedral Collections online! You’ll see moulded stones from before the Great Fire, or the Cathedral in Wartime. All “Collections” links can be found on Saint Paul’s website.

Queen’s Jubilee

click to visit london drum city guide

The Royal Albert Hall – of interest to all who have listened to a rousing Proms Concert on the BBC (another British institution).

Here is a photo worthy of Pinterest; I *LOVE* this view, with the steps sweeping up towards the great dome-shaped performance hall.

Among the Symphony Orchestras that have appeared in the Royal Albert Hall over the years: The Royal Philharmonic; BBC Symphony Orchestra. Even the Phantom of the Opera has haunted the hall, and Adele recently gave her “all”.

2012’s Proms began last Friday, the 13th, and continue until 8th September. US listeners can enjoy LIVE Proms concerts via the website for Performance Today, featuring FIVE Beethoven broadcasts. The audio player appears 30 minutes before the start of each concert.

Don’t miss the VIRTUAL TOUR.
Can you count how many Cellular Shades
it would take to “fill Albert Hall”???

Beethoven = made in Germany; Beefeater = made in the U.K.
 CellularWindowShades = made in America and
your source for Symphony Shades

The above website not only counts down to the London Games, it also figures out days left until the 2014 (Russia), 2016 (Brazil), and 2018 (South Korea) Olympics. Too much info!! Rather like counting down to Christmas 2014, 2016, 2018

Sports –> not my thing. Travelling abroad –> MY THING! so I offer for the next few posts a”re-counting” of great or renowned London buildings. Today I begin with one of its best-known addresses:

click to visit london drum city guide

EVERY news broadcast that has anything political to report from LONDON will feature the door of No. 10 Downing Street.

Reading London Drum City Guide’s website description of Downing Street, the surprise comes when the reason for its very name is revealed: George Downing, a confidante of Oliver Cromwell. As with many politicos: George Downing had no qualms about changing sides…

click to read more about Hetty

Hetty Bower (right), a former suffragette, was 105 years old when this photo was snapped in fall 2011. She got this close to the door of No. 10 because she was delivering a petition.

Ooooh, nice Georgian double-sash windows (wide and long); bet there’s a fair amount of depth (6- or 8-inches?) to the window wells.  Contact Us, David! Our “bulk discount” begins at 15 shades, and the pound to the US-dollar is still an advantageous exchange. Maybe the Chancellor of the Exchequer, next door at No. 11, would be interested too…

We might even break our rule of “self-measure and self-install” which every other customer has to abide by. Call it an early Xmas Gift.

Sir Humphrey seconds that idea.

If you’re in “mid-life” like me, then you will remember the early days of This Old House – and its host Bob Vila. Bob’s still around, plugging more than Sears and their Craftsman Tools. He’s picked out some Tips of the Day. And even has a tweet “What to do with OLD WINDOWS”! How up the alley for a blindcrafter manufacturer specializing in Cellular window shades.

Of more interest, perhaps, is Bob’s website — which is where I ended up when looking at What To Do With Old Windows. LOVE the table!

As sports-enthusiasts gather, give a thought to Olympics “inspired” fare. As London is this Summer Game’s venue the suggestion comes for Fish N’Chips – or maybe Steak and Ale. has a short menu of party ideas:

Don’t mind a fish & chips, but I’ll be tuned to anything else but sports. A good book anyone?

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