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It’s even Revolutionary!

No, this isn’t a picture of snow (don’t rush things!), but of COTTON BOLLS, ready for harvesting.

It’s not the material, per se, that make us blog today about cotton, but the COLOR: a beautiful, brilliant, natural WHITE. Ever seen anything like it?!?

The front inside cover of HOME TEXTILES TODAY, the “Business & Fashion Newspaperof the Home Textiles Industry,” has quite the evocative photograph, though their cotton bolls are “blown” and exceptionally full. But, as we discuss color, it’s interesting to see what seems hot and new on the following page: purples and hot pinks, jewel-like reds all pop from the photographs opposite.

As we’ve mentioned in an earlier post: don’t be AFRAID of color: embrace it! What beauty the “natural” white takes on when coupled with vibrant wall color and sparkling wood tones. Think of grandma’s crisp linen bedding, with hints of bright jewel-toned embroidery. Colors work best in tandem with each other, bouncing off, complimenting, contrasting. In a darkly-colored room, white shades will simply *sparkle*; but for those who adore brights and whites, think what tones of color on your windows could accent those important areas.

Color is the spice of life — add some to your home, today!

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