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In reading Kelly’s comment to the prior post on “What’s Your Dream Home…?“, my memory went back to an article read in 7 Days. Kelly’s dream was a Swiss Family Robinson experience in a Treehouse – and if she can get to Lincoln, Vermont, she could live out that fantasy at Tiny Fern Forest. The ad is on (which was the topic of Katherine Flagg‘s 2012 “Home Away from Home” article in 7 Days).

tiny fern forest

It must indeed be a “Vermont Thing,” for I have found other treehouse rentals!

For instance, in Waterbury, Vermont, there is Moose Meadow – which features a log home AND this TREEHOUSE:

moose meadow

Country Living has an online photo gallery which opens with Moose Meadow, and includes EIGHT other Treehouse accommodations — From Oregon, to South Carolina, and even Hawaii.

NB: the BIG SUR Treehouse might even appeal to PoshPedlar, who also commented on the “What’s Your Dream Home…?” post. W-o-W!

And makes mention of Tiny Fern and another Vermont cabin that’s perched so precariously I’ll give it a nod here — in Barton, Vermont (also listed on AirBnB).

If you’re interested in the “Tiny House” movement, do check out the RelaxShacks blog – and Derek Diedricksen‘s book (take a deep breath, for it’s a LONG title:) Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshakle Retreats, Funky Forts (and Whatever the Heck Else we could squeeze in Here).

So, Miss Robinson (aka Kelly), there are indeed treehouses out there for you to try!


* Essex Rescue returns from weather-ravaged New York and New Jersey.

* Vermont Ski Industry Offers Donations Incentives.

* Stoweflake Resort Lodges Victims of Sandy — for Free.

These are just three of the stories recently seen on TV and in print about companies reaching out to help those displaced and otherwise in need following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Let’s take a closer look:

The Stoweflake Inn (Stowe, Vermont) has a lengthy report in 7 Days written by Kevin J. Kelley. Having gone to press Tuesday for Wednesday distribution, 7 Days could tell readers that twenty families were in residence on Tuesday. Stoweflake’s president, Chuck Baraw, was quoted as saying a main reason behind the offer was “respite” for people “to take a break from their troubles”. Stoweflake expects to host victims for more than two-hundred nights!

“Stoweflake publicized its initiative via Facebook and by sending email messages to all its previous guests, says marketing director Kim Dixon. The resort intends to make about 40 of its 120 rooms available for up to seven nights per guest through November 20.

Sure beats a FEMA trailer.”

Far better, indeed. Click on the photo above to read Kelley’s article.

* * *

Local TV News on WCAX (found on their website too) ran a video outlining plans of the Vermont Ski Areas Association for Sandy Relief Fundraising. Called “Operation Mountains of Love,” donors are encouraged to give $10 to the Red Cross. Prizes include lift tickets and vacation packages. Online, you can donate via — just email your donation confirmation to Sugarbush Resort will MATCH donations, up to $25,000.

To read WCAX’s story, or watch Judy Simpson’s report, click on the photo above.

* * *

Our third story also comes from WCAX:

Essex Rescue will continue storm relief rotation until mid-November.

“I’m very proud of the work they’re doing,” says Essex Rescue Executive Director Dan Manz. “In a big disaster no state’s got enough resources to be able to mount the response.”

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