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The Scotchgard Test – Part 1 (Guest Blog)

Posted on: December 9, 2013

This guest blog is written by Michelle

When you invest money in a product for your home, such as shades, you want to know that they will last for years and maintain their original color and shape.  We already offer a 10 year warranty, so the durability of the operating mechanisms is covered, but keeping the shades clean is up to the customer. The two living spaces that are most susceptible to dirt and stains are the kitchen and bathroom.  A recent fabric question on Houzz got me thinking.  How would our shade fabrics stand up to stains and spills?  What can our customers do to keep their shades in like new condition?

Although the shade fabric is dust repellent and can be vacuumed, I wondered if using a repellent spray would help prevent any stains or splatters.  Light filtering fabrics can be washed in a tub, as mentioned in our FAQ.  I ventured to the store and got a can of Fabric & Upholstery Protector by Scotchgard and started my experiment.


Note: this experiment is not endorsed or sponsored by Scotchgard.  All fabric protectors may work differently, I stuck with a name brand so customers may replicate my results in the future.

I am testing a light filtering shade that will be installed in a window here in our facility.  I have also sprayed a piece of the Black Out fabric since it normally should not be exposed to moisture and might benefit the most from a repellent spray.

For the light filtering shade we want to see if the Scotchgard degrades or discolors the fabric over time.  I will also spray the shade with water to see how well it repels water in a week, 6 months and 12 months. I have applied 2 coats of Scotchgard to the front and back of the shade (following the directions on the can) and will install it tomorrow.  You can see the shade at right.  It is made of 116 Cadenza Double Cell Light Filtering fabric with Smoothy Top Down Bottom Up lift (and special order Bronze hardware).

For the black out material, I am going to see how the Scotchgard spray repels the water spray as well.  I have just sprayed a scrap piece for this particular test.  I applied the same 2 coats as the light filtering shade.

I’ll update you all in a week!

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Some Scotchgard fabric and rug cleaners are unaffected. the compounds were persistent in the environment and in human blood, the company said it alerted regulators and began working to come up with alternative compounds.

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