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A colleague here mentioned this series yesterday: Canada’s Worst Handyman.

You start to think: reality TV or pulling my leg? Indeed, the series has been on for FIVE years! It airs on the Discovery Channel and Season Six is ready to premiere on May 2nd.

Did I mention: it’s a “contestant” show?!? Nominations are taken shortly before shooting begins and the aim of the show is NOT to be the “winner” of the title!

Watch part of an episode here. Visit the “official” Discovery Channel website for the show.

So who thought they couldn’t hang a shade? After watching this series, you’ll be very proud of your handyman skills.

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In a world inundated with special days, weeks and months — and you hear of so few of them — it is great to come across the website belonging to BROWNIELOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS, which celebrates every wacky “unknown” holiday and observances it comes across.

For instance — tomorrow (April 28th), in addition to TAKE OUR DAUGHTERS & SONS TO WORK DAY, commemorates:

*Workers Memorial Day
*Poem in Your Pocket Day
*Arbor Day

Our blog post’s title comes from TALK LIKE SHAKESPEARE DAY, April 23rd.

We’ll be returning to Brownielocks’s listing — for there are interesting “observances” coming up! And, as the Three Bears might exclaim: “We do not make these up!” Join Brownielocks by clicking on the illustration.

A GREAT “ideas” feast from HGTV:

The above, entitled “New Neutrals“, brings the outdoors in, “creating a tranquil setting for sleep and relaxation”.

What else is “trending” at the moment, you ask?!

Soft Green” – “with touches of blue for a soft palette ideal for a bedroom”

In the Pink” – “bold hues” for a “warm and sophisticated feeling”.

Lavender Glamour” – teamed with “vibrant gold” this bedroom offers a “non-traditional look”.

The “Princess Room” – combines lavender and green for “sweet and traditional colors”. I love the canopy!

“It’s all about the colors combined with the fabric patterns”. Read all of Jennifer Haupt’s accompanying article — and see the breath-taking bedrooms, by visiting HGTV. You’ll come away with “a personal space that expresses your innermost desires“!

And visit the not-for-profit, Color Marketing Group for more on color trends.

In celebration of  “Earth Day”, the Team at CellularWindowShades joins the crowd with our 2-cents worth!

One thing I can comment on today is, with our recent move to Williston, Vermont (from Essex Junction, Vermont), we’ve undoubtedly accomplished some savings as far as our utilities (heat, lights) go. It’s like going from an appliance made in the “good old days” and upgrading to a spanking new 5-energy-stars one! Chalk up one for the planet.

Our company has, in the past, donated products and money; two more recent ones I recall (1) a donation to Haitian Relief accumulated from a percentage of sales, to help with the aftermath of their devastating earthquake. We also (2) participated in a donation of shades to the Salvation Army, which sold the units through their local store. Giving back means a lot to our company. Chalk up two for the planet.

Some companies “give” to their customers: Starbucks, for instance, has a promotion for free coffee or tea — providing you show up with a reusable mug.

Reading through Starbucks’ blog post on their Earth Day promotion, it really strikes me that our cellular window shades fit right into this scheme of “the impact one can make through careful, conscious choices.” Starbucks recognizes the impact of trash on this planet with a build-up of one-use beverage containers in our landfills. The wonderful thing about our products are their longevity — a Symphony Shade is for life! You repair rather than replace. And in this world of easy disposability, that is a rarity indeed.

Tell us how you celebrate “Earth Day” today. We’d love to know!

With the April Showers (snow in some places; tornadoes in others — but a “dicky bird” in Texas says Dallas was seeing 87 degrees today!) we welcome our new “Color of the Month”.

The way the sale works is that you receive 10% off the base shade price, in addition to other sales!

April therefore sees lovers of the colors VIBE (light orchid) and DIVA (light violet) able to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

So what does the color purple signify?

For one thing: Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, and Alice Walker! So support a favorite novel, while reading or watching the film adaptation in front of your purple shade(s)!

Seriously, though, purple is the symbol of “wealth” and “royalty”. It makes me think of Easter — in the Catholic Church the color symbolizes penance, humility, melancholy; it is the liturgical color of Advent, Lent and Good Friday. Possibly, this is the derivation of the color purple representing “wisdom” and “spirituality” then.

I really *like* this image of the color purpose: that it signifies “Rich Sophistication“!

The website found here has some color psychology insights of interest: “This color stimulates the brain activity used in problem solving.” And this one sure ties in to our home decor theme: “Young adolescent girls are most likely to select nearly all shades of purple {no pun intended!} as their favorite color.” At least I hope that is true and not some outlandish “sexist” comment!

I’d therefore love to hear from readers: If purple is your favorite color: TELL US!

Kate Smith (at mentions that “purple was the first dye made by man”, which, as a fiber artist, I find an interesting tidbit to learn about. She claims “The color purple affects us physically by

  • Uplifting
  • Calming the mind and nerves [and who can’t use THAT?]
  • Encouraging a sense of spirituality
  • Supporting creativity”

In the garden, Kate says it “is a cool color in landscape design”. Hey! my house has a bit of a purple scheme going on! Who knew? “Purple plants visually recede in a garden, making a small space feel larger.”

I’ll take a couple $5,000 “purple” chips home (although I am not a fan of gambling [too much of a gamble!]). This is under Kate’s “interesting facts” about purple section.

And we certainly must honor the military and mention here the “Purple Heart” – given to soldiers wounded in battle.

A useful section is “Purple around the World”: Did you know,

  • In Thailand, purple is worn by widows (a color of mourning)
  • In Tibet, amethyst is considered a sacred color associated with Buddha
  • In Iran, purpose is thought to represent what is to come.

 * * *

Read our past “psychology of color” posts:
Green (March)
Yellow (February)

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