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Today I spoke to a husband and wife whose shade did not fit.


What happened in the fifty minutes we were on the phone? It was discovered that the window’s frame — with its depth of more than 4 1/2-inches — beveled outwards. In fact, it was nearly a half-inch wider at the back than at the front of the opening.

There lay their measuring problem!

Their particular shades were CORDLESS — these have a headrail that looks like this:




of bracket

(highlighted by solid black lines)



2 and 1/4 -inches

Therefore, if you’re inserting a “square” (the shade) into a V (the window opening) – measurements have to be taken not only in three places – top, center, bottom – but also at the narrowest edge. If you measure farther back, the shade will be too wide at the front to fit properly.

In preparation for writing this blog post, I was hoping to find some photo of this very type of window. Frankly, I was more used to the frame fanning out into the room:

Here, you can see just how much wider at the room’s edge the opening is than right at the window’s edge. Imagine, though, less of a steep angle, and the wider end inverted so it is at the exterior edge — and you will envision why this couple had measuring problems.

At this window, the natural impulse would be to measure close to the window. The cellular shade would fit — thanks to the brackets going across the headrail! — but you would see a slight gap, and a bit of a “wedge-shaped” one, at the sides.

The couple I spoke with would have the opposite “visual”, in that the gap would be more noticed if one looked through the window.

In searching online for pictures, I came across this description on a Vinyl Window website: “Unique beveled-in exterior frame creates depth and interest”. The site doesn’t mention that frustration might be created as well.

When in doubt, a T-Square and a plumb line might help you envision how the object — a Cellular Shade — needs to fit into your given opening. The T-Square will detect when the depth is not “flat depth” and the plumb line could aid in giving “visual” lines to represent sides of the shade.

Baby,… it’s HOT outside!

Here’s a GREAT homemade solution: Talk about being “made” in America — Craftzine’sMarie LeBaronhas whipped together some incredible edibles for those sultry summer days. The secret? Paper Cups, which then can be torn away. The ingredients? Anything you want:

Marie lists a great How -To via words, pictures — and kids’ sticky smiles!

Enjoy YOUR Pops outdoors, or join me behind my Cellular Shade

Baby,… It’s cool inside!


* * *


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Do you LOVE “cottage” style decor? “English” Cottage or “French”, or how about “Maine” or “Cape Cod”? Does a little dab do it for you, or is the theme carried on throughout?

I’ve recently come across this little shop — with an online presence (US-shipments only) — Cottage Home: Distinctive Cottage Furniture & Farmhouse Tables in Cape Neddick, Maine. Where to start!?! With their painted furniture, or their wicker. Some truly lovely pieces. And mainly “Made in America“!

Here’s one I just fell in love with, a “library chair” (of course!) out of wicker. It’s from their Saint Augustine Wicker Collection:

What draws me in is the flat arm rests – similar to those found on Adirondack chairs. Those are just super comfortable! The back is wide, and the pattern unusual. The rear legs give this chair an appearance of great stability, and adds some “flair” to the typical chair design.

And look at this RICH PALETTE of colors. Standard are the likes of “Weathered White”, but I’m really drawn to the unusual custom colors (for wicker furniture), like Federal Blue, Colonial Red, or Khaki Green.

Some of these colors even make me think of our Cellular Shade Color palette — their “Slate Grey” would even qualify for our Color of the Month, “Fifty Shades of Grey” sale.

For the Month of June we may not be offering fifty shades of grey, but GREY is our featured Color of the Month. Cellular Shades made in the following colors offer an EXTRA 10% off their base shade price:

Double Cell Fabrics

131 – FLUTE

132 – MISTY

133 – FUGUE

Single Cell Fabrics

432 – TENOR

431 – DESTRA

(click on photo to visit our *FREE* samples request page) will change-up and electrify not only Bedrooms, but also Dining Rooms Living RoomsBasement SpacesAttic ExtrasMedia RoomsGuest RoomsFamily RoomsBathrooms… in fact, a whole HOUSE of rooms!

Looking through some interior decor blogs today, I came across this terrific post at House of Rose, which deals with the Fireplace and/or TV dilemma. I invite you to take a look at Mandy Rose’s “Modern Fireplace Makeover“.

As the weekend approaches, think about how much more comfortable your home would be without those holes in the ceilings and walls known as Skylights and Windows:

  •  49-degrees in Sault Ste Marie? Pull down your shades to keep warm.
  • 110-degrees in Phoenix? Pull your skylight shades down and keep the sun at bay.
  • Check out our latest sale at – our “tiered sale” means that every shade order can save you $$$!

Your Source for Insulating Cellular Shades

CWS offers custom-made cellular shades in both double and single cell light-filtering or blackout fabrics.

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CellularWindowShades are

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