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Has it been three years already since I first began chatting with you??

I’ve built up this blog from near-nothing to a dozen-plus helpful pages; hundreds of posts and hints; scores of websites on our blogroll; and a handful of original photos of our lovely shades in your beautiful homes. Keep those comments and photos coming!

We’ve added stories and new media like PINTEREST. I’m always grateful when people stop by, or leave a crumb (ie, comment or “like”).

happy anniversary

Perusing DECOR8 today, one among our blogroll, I found a new and useful website from down under: The Design Files. As a dedicated travel addict, I know there’s a BIG world out there beyond Vermont – and sites like these introduce us all to different places, new people, and bold design ideas.

The latest at The Design Files is a feature on Aussie Artist Carmel Seymour. Carmel now resides in Reykjavik! Talk about a change of scene. Carmel discusses her love of pattern and texture. Two “terms” of interest to all interested in home decor. She loves botanical illustrations, and her color palette certainly is rich in earth and sky tones. Gotta love someone who’s passion (besides painting, of course) is treasure-hunting at USED BOOKSTORES!


You can read the entire interview, and see samples of Carmel’s work by clicking above.

One thing makes people react and think, “I should get some cellular shades” — EXTREME temperature! HOT or COLD.

I have two internet friends – one just moved to England (from frigid Montreal); the other is in Australia. Sitting in Vermont, where the temps today hit 11-degrees Fahrenheit, with a 3 mile per hour wind (brrrr….), it is hair-raising to read about feet of snow in southern England (which rarely sees snow nowadays) and, half a world away, to hear of childhood homes endangered by bushfires and yet another summer of intense heat.

English Delights – a blog about “England, Crafts & Food” – has a number of posts about the record snowfall, including this evocative photo of Big Ben:

snowy big ben

At least here, in the “North East”, we’ve snow plows and salt-making equipment galore (our problems come in the spring…). I remember once going to a bookstore in New Hampshire. Gosh! The plows had been hard at it, for a maze comprised of 5-foot walls of solid white snow shuttled my car from town to the bookshop’s door. To this day, I’ve never seen SO MUCH SNOW packed to the sides of the road.

As for poor Australia, I cannot fathom what a bushfire must be like. AsianCorrespondent, on the other hand, has written a piece about the extreme weather conditions.


I can say, however, that my small corner of Vermont once had a catastrophic fire (a furniture factory; a total loss) in the midst of a cold winter’s day & night. The city felt deserted. Traffic was nil.

As the old commercial said, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” – and fires, floods, or feet of snow can be so crippling. With such devastation, it is heart-rending to read of more shootings, never mind all the continuing unrest in the warring areas of the world.

When will the “madness” end??

Australians are not quite “baking in summer heat” —

But look at those humidity levels! You know that it’s just a matter of time before the heat again builds to record levels.

So why am I talking intense heat in a season when the northern United States braces for COLD weather?? The simple fact is, Cellular Window Shades do duty in ALL seasons! Their insulating capabilities help keep out winter’s cold as well as summer’s heat.

While everyone on the glob is preparing for the end-of-year festivities, some forward-thinking people are thinking about their personal comfort. And that’s really what being neither too-cold nor too-hot is all about. Personal comfort and saving energy. There’s nothing like “giving back” to help generate some well-deserved “holiday cheer”.

Cellular Shades give back in several ways:

  1. by reducing your heating and cooling costs
  2. by helping to provide a temperature-stable environment
  3. by lending your home color and beautifying your decor
  4. as well, they are a durable, US-made product.

We’ve been collecting friends from Down Under: Won’t you join them? Say G’day!

NB: I must not forget to note: We ship internationally via FedEx

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