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Home Decor: DIY has a fun post on painted floors as a new/old design idea!

Afraid to tackle such a project that seems so permanent? How about Floor Cloths?! Yes, they have returned. Including, from Vermont’s own CanvasWorks FloorCloths! They also offer “make-your-own” floor cloths, and sell primed & hemmed “blank” floor cloths and paints.


Catching up with some of my favorite design blogs, I simply could NOT resist posting a link to this scrumptous recipe for Julia Vandenoever’s Fudge Brownies with chocolate frosting.

I, too, camp among the “fudgy”! Click on the image to ENJOY!!

In anticipation of Michael Payne’s visit to the Burlington Home Show, we post this YouTube video from Michael’s home base of LA– wouldn’t you like Michael to help with your design issues? That’s the prize for Home Show visitors on February 25 and 26th: an hour’s consultation with design Michael Payne can be yours!

We’ve unearthed some useful links about Michael Payne, so you can become better acquainted with him before his Burlington visit:

Michael Payne’s Burlington visit is sponsored by
Gordon’s Window Decor
, in Williston, Vermont.

The color palette Kelley Proxmire uses in this Kenwood home (Chevy Chase, MD area) speaks volumes to me. The blues of the headboard and ceiling playing with the stripped curtains. Lovely.

The article which this photograph (by Erik Johnson) accompanies describes a “restful palette”. Indeed!

To see more photos of this spectacular home, and read Julie Sanders‘s history of the home and its redesign, visit the January/February 2012 issue of Home & Design: The Magazine of Architecture and Fine Interiors.

Some telling phrases from the article (which never names the couple): “crisp use of color and contrast”; a focus on “finishes” like “walls faux-painted to look like linen, textured wallpaper and distressed wood furniture”; “a family house and it has to be practical”.

Read -Look – Learn.

There was a time when I was looking for a couch for my mother. I remember visited the local Ashley Furniture store. MY! What Big Beds You Have! (The couches were a normal size, however.)

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve a post-WWII cape; there are sloping roof-lines to take into consideration in the two upstairs bedrooms. Large canopy beds, for instance, need not apply…

So it was with great interest that I found in the last issue of the New York Times an article fit for the “supersize-it” era we seem to be living in. Oh, the houses ARE getting smaller again, but it seems the furniture is not. Read along with me. “Relax. There’s plenty of Room” was written by Steven Kurutz.

Nate Says “You spend most of your time in your bedroom…”

 The homeowner — who’s had this bedroom for ten years — calls the bedroom “a cold box”: plain walls, crammed furniture. As it’s not a room visitors see, so this couple has left it to last. What decorating ideas does Nate have which will help them??

Five tips:

  • Start with a headboard – save space and money with no footboard
  • Bedding – take advantage of sales to change the ENTIRE feeling of a room
  • Lighting – nightstands, bed-side lamps give ambiant light a chance to add tranquility
  • Window Treatments – draperies add warmth and architecture, framing out your window shades
  • Seating – a bench or chair, one “odd” chair is great in a bedroom!

Watch the video — clicking on the image (above) will bring you to The Nate Berkus Show’s website video on Bedroom Basics.

These bulleted blogs contain some “older” posts, but if you’re a Michael Payne fan you just might not care!

Michael Payne: On the Road, had a short run (2001-February 2008); filled with houses, landscapes, and Michael Payne meeting-and-greeting fans.

Design and Tea evidently lasted only a few months, January-June 2008. Some nice design ideas via photos.

The House of Payne never got off the ground; a “welcome” message only.

Michael Payne’s Photo Blog – posts for 2007, 2008, 2009 and a couple from 2010: photos from the self-professed “serious amateur photographer”.

When I had cable, one of my favorite shows on HGTV was “Designing for the Sexes” – hosted, of course, by Michael Payne. He always had sound advice, and it was just a delight to listen to his thoughts and rationales. HGTV still carries the show (the host has changed) and you can get information on that program at

 Read the “About Michael” posting on his main webpage: how surprising that he studied physics and mathematics and was once in the computer industry!

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