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Who knew that “The Right Stuff” could be boiled down to this one basic: The Right LIGHT. Sure, we all acknowledge the importance of the proper amount of light for reading, and the importance of keeping glare off TVs and Computer screens.

Here I am, sitting, facing a window with the sun smack in my face. It’s a November day and the five minutes the sun actually shines feels terrific; yet, I can’t sit with the light in my eyes. Despite the lovely warmth, I pull down the shade – which is, of course, a shade made by our Williston, Vermont Company.

Summer nights, with my windows open, light from a neighbor’s front lawn “lamp” beams right into my bedroom window. I have already experienced, firsthand, what “lighting” reports target as concerns worth investigating. The excellent houzz article “Get Your Light Right for a Healthy House” makes the following points:

The Benefits of Darkness

  • From The American Medical Association: “excessive light … at night can disrupt sleep or exacerbate sleep disorders, especially in children or adolescents.”
  • The Ohio State University Medical Center “found that sleeping in a dimly lit room can lead to depression and weight gain.”
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine has data that “night-lights in children’s rooms could predispose them to myopia” (nearsightedness).

Author Mike Elgan‘s thoughts on this: “Almost everybody is doing it wrong. TV, video games and eBook reading [sources of “blue light”] just before sleep are bad. Light coming in from outside at night is bad. Gadget lights on everything you own are bad. Night-lights are bad.”

What to do??

The first suggestion was right up our alley:

  • Block outside light with GOOD SHADES.”

Other suggestions include,

  • Don’t watch TV just before going to bed.
  • Use an eBook that requires an external light source.
  • If you can’t unplug electronic products, then cover status lights with electrical tape.
  • With night-lights, try those that “fade to black” after a while.

Let the Sun Shine In

  • Australian National University Researches find a correlation between myopia and the lack of spending time in natural light. Scientists believe that “developing eyes in young children need the body to produce dopamine, which is triggered by direct sunlight going into the eyes.”
  • Lack of sunlight also can lead to Vitamin D deficiency — which, in turn, has been linked to an “increased risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s and other diseases.”

So what does this mean for your home design?

Houzz touts a new-fangled, GPS-driven skylight; I will suggest a Light Filtering Cellular Shade: comes in a variety of colors, your choice of Lift Options – and, to quote houzz user Cordelia2003: “love the cellular honeycomb shades we have now for the amount of light we get during the day“. In response to Cordelia’s concern for privacy, Lizziegardens recommended the use of the Top Down Bottom Up cellular shade (also known as a Duofold, see the photo below): “This gives you complete privacy with a view and light out of the top of the window.”

Although has long offered Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up shades, we’ve kept its availability pretty close to the vest…

But these are GREAT Shades! So now we’re crowing about them!


Our customers have long loved the TDBU — shorthand for Top Down Bottom Up — feature,
just read COMMENTS posted on our blog!

And see some Before and After pictures featuring TDBU shades here.

I have one of these shades over my desk, in my office. When the sun comes beaming in hot enough to fry my poor little radio, I can pull down the bottom and drop the top. The electronic is saved, but I still get the sunlight streaming in. At night I raise the top to keep prying eyes from peering in. And all the raising and lowering is done with a gentle and steady upward push or downward pull. No Strings to Tug On! — Or worse, on the TDBU, no string pooled on the floor if the shade should happen to be TALL. A fantastic advantage!


  • Cordless Top Down Bottom Up shades are operated by a handle in the middle of the bottom rail
  • Out of reach cordless shades can be operated with an optional pole
  • Cordless shades offer a safer alternative for homes with young children and pets. Learn more.
  • The White headrail has a color coordinated insert to match the fabric and bottom rail.

The CORDLESS Top Down Bottom Up, therefore, is a great deal — dare I say a STEAL — especially this month with our Cordless TDBU sale price of $40 off!

The Cordless Top Down Bottom Up is a wonderful addition to any room — living room, as seen above; dining area, as seen below; bedrooms, and children’s rooms. Anywhere where privacy might be an issue, or where strings and cords are a bother, this feature on your Cellular Window Shade will be your life-saver!

Here is a PERFECT use of a Top Down Bottom Up shade: the upper windows are left uncovered (ie, the top has been dropped down).


What’s wrong with this picture?

Searching for some *new* images of a Cordless Top Down Bottom Up shade, I found that the pickin’s were slim…

The above stock photo made me chuckle. Can you see the GIANT Crank-handles for the windows?? I first spotted it on the left side, behind the potted-plant stand: you can see the shade is fully let down, but sits at an angle on the sill. Time for a T-Handle! What’s a T-handle?? 

Take a look at our website, it not only discusses why you might want to swap out that bulky crank, but also lists via PHOTOGRAPHS all the T-Handles we carry, by color and type.


The moment I saw this photo, I knew it would be of value to our blog readers:

As you can see, the day was fairly bright — there is light coming through the SHADES, yet you are not able to see through them. This demonstrates that “sense of light” which I often mention to people inquiring about how a light-filtering cellular fabric looks when in a window.

This next photo is of great interest because of the top down, bottom up shade: Obviously, taken on a wintry day, the sun is quite minimal (pity us!); yet, the photo again illustrates how the light filters through the shade, as well as how much privacy they achieve.

And if you WANT to see out: Just Open Your Shade! Cellular Shades certainly are meant to be opened and closed with some regularity: what we call “cycling” the shade.

Stay tuned for more pictures!

There are those — unlike the can’t-stay-asleepers — who sleep oh-so-well that they need a bit of rousing in the morning. Guess what! There is no better way of awaking naturally than your cellular shade in a light filtering fabric.

Just imagine this scenario:

The sun is breaking over the horizon, the sky slowly begins to lighten — and you are “naturally” awakened as your room brightens and brightens. Isn’t that a more comforting way to wake up than the ding of an alarm clock. (Not that we advocate anyone going clockless!)

Take a look at this bedroom:

The shade color just compliments this idea of waking by the rays of the sun, doesn’t it?!

The light filtering fabric provides the privacy one requires in a bedroom, as well as filters out bothersome nighttime ambient light from street lamps or porch lights on neighboring housing.

Here you can see how the TOP DOWN/BOTTOM UP feature would come in handy! Then you’d get light in the room, but still keep the privacy within the room.

Many years go, one Boston radio announcer, whose show was carried locally here on Vermont Public Radio, began his morning hours of classical music not with a musical interlude, but with birdsong! First one bird, tweeting (and not on Twitter!); then another joined in; then a few more until a whole tree-full of birds. Then, quietly growing out from this background, gaining in volume, came the theme music (in case you’re curious: Handel’s Arrival of the Queen of Sheba). It was simply lovely.

So, for those who want a gentle awakening…. try light filtering cellular shades, along with your morning birdsong.

We welcome ideas from our readers on how you best like your morning to start.

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