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An FYI to readers of The Inside Scoop at

Our website has a GREAT sale going on at the moment! A tiered sale, the more you purchase, the greater your savings:

  • Spend $250 or more — save $25
  • Spend $500 or more — save $75
  • Spend $1000 or more — save $200
  • Spend $2000 or more — save $500

Savings therefore range from 10% to 25% off regular prices (excluding arches and single-cell shades, which are already on sale).

You could therefore turn your home from this:

–> What Sonia, the owner, termed her “black hole” — into this –>:

See more before & after pictures on this page. Our newer additions are found further down the page — and we heartily encourage YOU to send us your before & afters! We love to see where our shades are “living”!!

With the time change, the one thing we have noticed here, at CellularWindowShades’ headquarters, is the amount of glass frontage our new building has. How *DARK* a parking lot ringed by trees becomes when you sit in a halo of light!

In addition to our Tiered Sale on skylight and window shades, is once again offering a 10% off (taken off base shade price) for the color of the month: This month’s color is GREY. So, how about a Nice Flannel for the cooler-colder weather of late Fall!?!

Our Greys include, in Double Cell Cellular Fabric:

  • TAMBOUR (dark taupe grey)
  • FLUTE (dark grey)
  • MISTY (light grey)

In Single Cell Cellular fabric:

  • DESTRA (grey)
  • TENOR (dark grey)

At we have begun a “campaign” whereby customers get the chance to crow, “Here’s what my home looks like now that I’ve installed my new shades!” See our postings under the page tab “Before & After“.

Here’s a sneak peek: What do you think will have been done with this fairly “public” door?

It was while logging in to WordPress that I did my daily run-through of those sites that made “Freshly Pressed“. WP Bloggers know well what this is, but for others less familiar with WordPress, allow me to explain that “Freshly Pressed” is a series of updating blog posts by WordPress bloggers. They are often photograph-laden posts, and I must admit that a photo was the reason why I clicked on one site whose post was illustrated by a sign saying BART’S BOOKS,

(Readers know by now how much of a *fan* I am of old books!)

Another Freshly Pressed item was … a “before and after”! Given my own “Mission”, I simply had to check out the post, which spoke of a kitchen renovation. What a wonderful site to come across: CHEZERBEY deals with an entire house renovation in the Seattle area. Be sure to click on the “House Tour” link — there are photos “hidden” under the “Before”, ‘Process”, and “After” captions for each space.

And, to end with a reminder to our CWS customers: send us your “Before & After” photos — we hear much about your homes when you are in need of shades, but would love to see the outcome!

I’m always “in the market” for some appealing — exciting — attention-grabbing material having anything to do with home decor. Nice, therefore, to find this blog:

And the first post read was an illustration-filled THUMBS UP for a new “reality” show called MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS. With that title, Los Angeles as a base, and old Hollywood names like Max Factor popping up, well you just know this is not budget decorating, but an all-out feast for the eyes. Click on the picture (above) to go the Material Girls’ post on the show, and some gorgeous BEFORE and AFTER photos.

Here’s the link also to the show’s own website on Bravo. Million Dollar Decorators airs Tuesdays at 10pm. If you’re Bravo-less, check out the “video” section of the site for some extracts from the series.

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