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How timely to read on houzz an article about FLAGS, seeing as today marks the cusp of a three-day holiday weekend here in the States: for Memorial Day.

flagsAuthor Alison Hodgson’s own decorating scheme is shown in the photo: a pleated fan above the door; flags line the walkway.

The building my mother lives in has a flag pole — flag flaps in the breeze all weathers, all hours. So it is a surprise to read that although the ‘inclement’ weather indicative should be observed, the lowering at sunset has looser restrictions. If the flag is illuminated it can fly at night.

* * *


There is a website for up-to-the-minute HALF-STAFF notifications, but the major half-staff dates are:

* May 15, Peace Officers Memorial Day

* September 11

* (early October) Sunday of Fire Prevention Week

* December 7, National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

The article discusses the pertinent information for flying the U.S. Flag: which flag takes precedence if flying more than one, which way is “right side up” etc.

Pity there’s so little history of the flag. Websites do exist. And what would talk of the flag be without talk of Betsy Ross! so here is some additional information:

The rule of thumb for FLYING YOUR FLAG Memorial Day is: Half-Staff from sunrise until noon, then Full Staff the rest of the day.
Here at we are having our own MEMORIAL DAY celebrations: our 20% off Skylight Shades Sale continues through Monday, May 27th.

20-percent-off-skylightsStay COOL & CUT your Summer energy bills!

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childs_room - cellular shades

It’s not every post that I talk about our monthly, ongoing sales: But this is one of our best –> the Tiered Sale.

Nearly every order qualifies: Save $10 on purchases of $100…. all the way up to our top tier of $500 off a purchase of $2000 or more. That’s a sale of 25% off our already-low, competitive pricing!

And what do you get with a Symphony Shade from — a quality, hand-crafted product that’s made in America.

Our Williston, Vermont factory sells direct to you, no middle man. Even our fabrics and parts are American-made. I invite you to click on About Us to learn more about our family-owned business.

Check out all our current sales, including a 15% off sale on Arches.
(current through Sunday 28 April 2013)

Once summer arrives, will you wish you had put a shade over that skylight? Or, black out shades in your bedroom? Now’s your chance at HUGE savings — and you’ll get a jump on Sprucing up for Spring! Talk about a “GREEN Solution“. The savings will slip back into your pocket.


Top Down Bottom Up, Light Filtering Shades

Daylight4Daylight Skylight Blinds

On sale through the 23rd of September,


  • Black Out Fabrics and Light Filtering Fabrics
  • Double-Cell and Single-Cell Fabrics

Coordinate with your Window Shades and you’ll get both sales:

20% off Skylights


15% off CellularWindowShades

For the Month of June we may not be offering fifty shades of grey, but GREY is our featured Color of the Month. Cellular Shades made in the following colors offer an EXTRA 10% off their base shade price:

Double Cell Fabrics

131 – FLUTE

132 – MISTY

133 – FUGUE

Single Cell Fabrics

432 – TENOR

431 – DESTRA

(click on photo to visit our *FREE* samples request page) will change-up and electrify not only Bedrooms, but also Dining Rooms Living RoomsBasement SpacesAttic ExtrasMedia RoomsGuest RoomsFamily RoomsBathrooms… in fact, a whole HOUSE of rooms!

Customers are getting some pretty nice deals! For instance, yesterday a shade in the light filtering color Cameo, sized at 72-inches (wide) by 48-inches (length) sold for just $187.59! With our *FREE* Cordless upgrade, she saved $78.30 – nearly a third of the shade’s cost. That will make for one handsome living room, Darlene!

Our “deal” on the Cordless Top Down Bottom Up (pictured above)
would give the same shade (72×48) for only $256.59!

While the Cordless provides ease of raising/lowering the shade, and the Cordless Top Down Bottom Up gives an added privacy-level, all shades made by bring you American-made quality, and Family-owned service.

Each shade is crafted and assembled in our Williston, Vermont plant.

YOU craft your shades your way:

  • custom sizes — nothing is “stock” to us
  • custom colors — to fit your home’s color scheme
  • custom lift options — chose the best style for each window application

In his lastest MARKET READY column in The New York Times, Tim McKeough answers the reader question:

Q: — “We have cheap temporary blinds. Is it worth investing in better window coverings before selling?”

Jennifer Ferland, a real estate agent, tellingly suggests: “‘[I]t’s funny the little things that can steer buyers away from feeling comfortable in a home.’ … If your blinds are lackluster, ‘You should absolutely invest in new window shades,’ she said. Adding upgraded window coverings would help it show better.”

Celerie Kemble, an interior designer, adds: “‘But it’s an investment… To elevate a space, you obviously need to pick something that’s a step up….'”

One customer who purchased from a few months ago was going through this same dilemma. In a tough housing market, this seller knew that new cellular shades not only gave her an additional selling point, she also gained the benefit of living in the house with the shades!

Better than my friend who put in hardwood flooring — which she had LONG wanted — then moved out of the house and let the realtor do his business.

Rather than checking out the box places the article suggests (The Shade Store, Smith & Noble, Janovic, Pottery Barn), check out our selection of fabrics, lift options and blind style combinations at!

Only yesterday morning I was talking with a gentleman in Randolph, Vermont, who said, “If I had realized was in Vermont I’d have ordered long ago.” Yep, each shade in an order is individually produced and hand-assembled, right here in our Williston, Vermont, home. And our blinds cost less than you might think, especially with our current 20% off sale (until 2 January 2012).

Mr. McKeough’s September column is discussed here in Market Ready?

An FYI to readers of The Inside Scoop at

Our website has a GREAT sale going on at the moment! A tiered sale, the more you purchase, the greater your savings:

  • Spend $250 or more — save $25
  • Spend $500 or more — save $75
  • Spend $1000 or more — save $200
  • Spend $2000 or more — save $500

Savings therefore range from 10% to 25% off regular prices (excluding arches and single-cell shades, which are already on sale).

You could therefore turn your home from this:

–> What Sonia, the owner, termed her “black hole” — into this –>:

See more before & after pictures on this page. Our newer additions are found further down the page — and we heartily encourage YOU to send us your before & afters! We love to see where our shades are “living”!!

With the time change, the one thing we have noticed here, at CellularWindowShades’ headquarters, is the amount of glass frontage our new building has. How *DARK* a parking lot ringed by trees becomes when you sit in a halo of light!

In addition to our Tiered Sale on skylight and window shades, is once again offering a 10% off (taken off base shade price) for the color of the month: This month’s color is GREY. So, how about a Nice Flannel for the cooler-colder weather of late Fall!?!

Our Greys include, in Double Cell Cellular Fabric:

  • TAMBOUR (dark taupe grey)
  • FLUTE (dark grey)
  • MISTY (light grey)

In Single Cell Cellular fabric:

  • DESTRA (grey)
  • TENOR (dark grey)

Your Source for Insulating Cellular Shades

CWS offers custom-made cellular shades in both double and single cell light-filtering or blackout fabrics.

CLICK to Visit Our Online Store!

CellularWindowShades are

FREE Color Samples


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