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It was a year ago today…

Tropical Storm “Irene” battered many communities,
including’s own Vermont backyard.

We urge you to help neighbors in need.

A few weeks ago, Kim Cook of The Associated Press, brightened the Spring 2012 home decor campaign with a story about “Graphic Prints and ‘Saturated’ Colors”. Her conclusion: They offer a breath of upbeat decor after the long, drawn-out winter.


‘Saturated’ is a word being used a lot; it means ripe … hues…intense…rich… zingy… peppery.”

A Pittsburgh Paints specialist was quoted as saying that this spring’s color palette was “full of joy and playful“.

One hot hue: PINK — “it’s a happy, girly color”. And what a better item to Think Pink about than….

No! Not The Pink Panther — but the black out fabric that’s perfectly named, PRINCESS PINK!

It’s one of our *new* colors for 2012.

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You can read Kim Cook’s article, found online at an Arizona newspaper. I read it in the “Home & Away” section of Vermont’s own newspaper, The Burlington Free Press. Today’s headlines cover the Lyric Theatre’s production of Titanic: The Musical. The show opened last night, and runs through Sunday — which marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Do “musicals” and “cellular shades” go together? — They do when they are Symphony Shades! Our Vermont-based employees takes great pride in our productions, and know you would be pleased to invite them into your home. Come visit our website, or — better yet — sing out, let us hear from you!

An article by Michele Meyer ran this past weekend in the USA WEEKEND section (included with our local paper The Burlington Free Press), which discussed Stylish Home Decoration TIPS from PRO STAGERS!

TIP #1 — Browse houses. This is a wonderful idea, based on the concept that builders “often use similar floor plans nearby”. Must admit to a bit of deja-vu the first time I stepped into a neighbors kitchen: we had the same “period” linoleum, just a different color. (My house is quite “retro”, keeping many of its 1940s features, and the furniture a mix of late 19th- and early 20th-century pieces.) The idea here, is that other home owners and decorators had to deal with the “same flaws” and you could see how the flaws were dealt with, — and whether you like their solution. Or, maybe it gives you ideas for a solution all your own!

In the above picture, I would consider the stand-alone column a bit problematic (or so it seems from the photo). The ceiling line is fabulous, with the tan paint offset by the white ceiling, and the slight arch shape. I would have hoped for a chunkier column. My solution there: Try a climbing-vine planter that surrounds the base. It would give a touch of the outdoors! I’d also close up the space near the chair with a slim “candle” table. That would keep stairway traffic off at a distance.

TIP #2 — Start from Scratch. This suggestion is not to move your furniture but to REMOVE your furniture from the room you are trying to stage or decorate. “It’s easier to think of new ways to arrange your furniture if it’s not right in front of you.” The suggestion is craft paper, cut to the dimensions (especially useful for larger pieces – dining room tables or couches, for instance). “Play around with where you can put it.” Then “return pieces bit by bit.” Don’t forget about other pieces now occupying other rooms! “‘Sometimes a table that used to sit in a hallway might look better …in the family room.'” Online design sites might also give you the ability to “virtually move” furniture pieces around [no links were given for that suggestion.

TIP #3 — Take a cue from Mother Nature. This suggests that window rooms, or rooms with patio doors, plan to coordinate — colorwise — items like rugs, pillows, vases, in order to create “‘one space'” with the outdoors.

The final three tips will appear in the next post!

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