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I *miss* Freshly Pressed — the tidy display of “recommended” blog posts. Sure they were heavy on posts with photos, but we are a visual society; how else to explain the quick popularity of Pinterest?

But in the recent “redo,” when logging in, we WordPressers see a series of WordPress “Ads” (what else to call those images?) instead of the much more interesting highlighted posts.

Bring “Freshly Pressed” back to the fore!

In the meantime, yesterday I took the time to take a peek at what’s been “pressed” and was well rewarded with Covetotop‘s splendid post on

Spanish little churches in the middle of nowhere.” A post filled with images that will appeal to anyone with a love of Romanesque Architecture.

You will see — and appreciate — the lovely countryside; and more importantly appreciate the keen eye of the photographer whose work is displayed.

To visit Covetotop’s “little churches” post, click on the image below

Advertisements Team member Michelle (pictured below with her prize!) has been tweeting Made in America products for some time now, and recently entered a contest sponsored by Draper Therapies of Canton, Mass.

  • Find Draper Therapies at their website:

From their press release:

“Through the month of August, Draper Therapies will be giving away American Flag Blankets in celebration of our heritage and our 100% USA made product line. All of our followers on Twitter and Facebook will be eligible. These snuggly throws are made by our parent company, Draper Knitting, in Massachusetts .”

“Followers” who answered the weekly question “correctly or creatively” were entered into a drawing. And here’s our Week #6 Winner:

Draper Knitting has a long family-owned history: The Drapers have operated a textile mill in Canton since 1856. Draper Therapies began in 2003.

Draper Therapies even has products for your canine and equine friends!

You can read all of August’s Q&As online at Draper’s WordPress Blog.

At we have begun a “campaign” whereby customers get the chance to crow, “Here’s what my home looks like now that I’ve installed my new shades!” See our postings under the page tab “Before & After“.

Here’s a sneak peek: What do you think will have been done with this fairly “public” door?

It was while logging in to WordPress that I did my daily run-through of those sites that made “Freshly Pressed“. WP Bloggers know well what this is, but for others less familiar with WordPress, allow me to explain that “Freshly Pressed” is a series of updating blog posts by WordPress bloggers. They are often photograph-laden posts, and I must admit that a photo was the reason why I clicked on one site whose post was illustrated by a sign saying BART’S BOOKS,

(Readers know by now how much of a *fan* I am of old books!)

Another Freshly Pressed item was … a “before and after”! Given my own “Mission”, I simply had to check out the post, which spoke of a kitchen renovation. What a wonderful site to come across: CHEZERBEY deals with an entire house renovation in the Seattle area. Be sure to click on the “House Tour” link — there are photos “hidden” under the “Before”, ‘Process”, and “After” captions for each space.

And, to end with a reminder to our CWS customers: send us your “Before & After” photos — we hear much about your homes when you are in need of shades, but would love to see the outcome!

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