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OCTOBER is “National Window Covering Safety Month”. This nationwide campaign, by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Window Covering Safety Council, alerts consumers to the potential hazards of window cords. The push is on to use only CORDLESS window treatments for child-friendly homes.

The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) has the following tips to ensure that your child’s room is a SAFE room:

  • NEVER place a crib, playpen, bed, or low-standing furniture near a window. Young Children can fall through an open window or window screen.
  • CRIBS should be in compliance with the latest safety standards, with snug-fitting mattress and head- and footboards without decorative cut-outs or corners post extensions.
  • Once your child is able to push up on hands or knees, REMOVE crib toys strung across the crib or playpen to avoid strangulation hazards.
  • Fluffy comforters or pillows are a suffocation hazard. Keep them OUT of the crib.
  • Cover ALL electrical outlets.
  • Consider spring-loaded lid supports for toy chests: PREVENT a child playing inside from being trapped.
  • All child products, like powder and diaper ointment, should be kept OUT OF REACH.
  • Choose your window treatments with children in mind — the Cellular Shades pictured above feature the CORDLESS lift option.

To *Celebrate* Child Safety, is offering FREE Cordless Upgrades on Window Shades: that’s a savings of  up to $78 on each shade!

If you prefer the versatility of the Cordless Top Down Bottom Up lift option, our sale will save you $30 per shade.

For more on the subject of SAFETY see,

  • Child Safety: When CORDLESS is not possible for your application

Visit the Window Covering Safety Council website for the full story on safety.


Customers are getting some pretty nice deals! For instance, yesterday a shade in the light filtering color Cameo, sized at 72-inches (wide) by 48-inches (length) sold for just $187.59! With our *FREE* Cordless upgrade, she saved $78.30 – nearly a third of the shade’s cost. That will make for one handsome living room, Darlene!

Our “deal” on the Cordless Top Down Bottom Up (pictured above)
would give the same shade (72×48) for only $256.59!

While the Cordless provides ease of raising/lowering the shade, and the Cordless Top Down Bottom Up gives an added privacy-level, all shades made by bring you American-made quality, and Family-owned service.

Each shade is crafted and assembled in our Williston, Vermont plant.

YOU craft your shades your way:

  • custom sizes — nothing is “stock” to us
  • custom colors — to fit your home’s color scheme
  • custom lift options — chose the best style for each window application

Some windows are just out of reach – and because of that, we sell telescopic poles with specially designed ends to raise and lower your Cellular Shades without difficulty.

There are two types of Poles we carry– because of the types of shades CellularWindowShades offers:

This Balconly Skylight Pole is used with our Cellular “Balcony” Skylight Shade (termed “Balcony” as part of the Symphony Shades line of “classical” music allusions).

The cork screw is the portion of the pole end that fits on a “standard” pole — these are variously sold as painter’s poles, pool cleaning poles, extension poles, etc.

The “finger” portion (with the fitted plastic cap) is what grasps the HANDLE present on the bottom of the Skylight Shade (see the shade illustration, below).

The “finger” can grasp the handle for an easy pull down, or it can be fitted under the handle to give the shade a push up. The plastic tip protects the shade’s handle & bottom rail from scratches.


The other pole is made specifically for our Cordless Shades. These shades have a clear, hard-plastic handle with a large flat surface, and a small hole in its middle area (see below):

The Pole End for the Cordless Shade is a bit of a queer bird – with a “beak” at one end (which fits the hole in the handle for en easy pull-down) and “wings” at the back end, which support the bottom rail of the shade when raising the shade. The picture below shows the shade being pulled down.

 The same Cordless Pole End can be used to raise / lower the  upper portion of a Cordless Top Down Bottom Up shade. Here is a top being raised:

If you are shopping for POLES — keep in mind our poles each INCLUDE one Pole End! If you order the “Cordless Pole” or “Skylight Pole” the entire pole, with its specified end, is what will arrive at your door. No need to order the two separately.

Poles come in two models: one extends to 6-feet; the other extends to 12-feet.

Should you have questions on these products, let us know! That’s what our Service Team is here for, to help you.

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CWS offers custom-made cellular shades in both double and single cell light-filtering or blackout fabrics.

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