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Gosh! Is it the end of the year already? has had a wonderful year — thanks to our customers, old and new! As a family-owned business, based in Vermont, we are appreciative of the continued support of everyone who surfs our website, emails, calls, or places an order. We say what we mean:

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The big news today from the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy:

David Wright House

The deal closed 20 December 2012 on the purchase of the “David Wright” House!

When developers threatened to demolish the property for their building schemes, proponents had already moved to save the house from the wrecking ball. See our earlier post about the battle for the Wright House. News sources will be celebrating as word gets out.

wright1The New York Times has already pipped most other sources to the post. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall during some of those City Council Meetings…

We at – former art students who’ve studied architecture – are cheering the great news (and booing the villains…, who claim not to have known who Wright was).

Phoenix should be happy that some un-disclosed philanthropist stepped forward to save a piece of American history that could never be recovered, once lost.

A miracle, perhaps? In this mercurial atmosphere, it makes a pleasant change. The Conservancy will be seeking help with renovations, once the property is transferred to an “Arizona not-for-profit organization”. Learn more at SAVE WRIGHT.ORG.

I don’t know if this fits into an “In My Dreams” category, or relates to the “possible” inherent in Home Decorating, but there are some gorgeous houses out there — around the world — and even something simple can be taken away from nearly every picture I’ve seen lately.

Today’s web find is a site called Simple Everyday Glamour:

simple everyday

The glamour found on the site can be described as

Elegant – Tasteful – Inspiring.


The style here is decidedly European – with that tall, slim doorway and the carved mantel. But what inspires me is the ghost-pale palette of whites, beiges, and silver-blue. The golden mirror, echoed by the golden hardware on the door, lends just a little bit of glitter.

Do you have a favorite decor-based website you’d like us to discover?
Just leave a comment!

Over the past few months, I’ve been “pinning” to the Pinterest Boards – rooms, dilemmas, to-die-for purchases, oh-so-calming garden shots and much more. I must have indicated a liking for food — once I’ve logged in, all these CUPCAKE items pop into view:

peacock cupcake

They’re cute, but I don’t bake a lot… though our head of Production does, par excellence! Small quibbles! The boards CWS has are mainly house-related, dream decor; some gardens; some travel; and just a hint of *FUN*.

So for today’s post, I thought I’d whet the appetite of those who haven’t visited our Pinterest boards.

A recent addition is this lovely living room – the stone fireplace surround is very special, but look at the balance of the room as a whole. The ceiling interest is so different from the plain, flat walls that typically are found in a room that has such ceiling height. And all that natural light.

pinterest_living room(see a larger image: just click!)

You will ALWAYS see something book-related, because I live, eat, and breath books:

circular library(see a larger image: just click!)

We also have posted some of our “graphic” images dealing with heat transference, and thermographic evidence showing how cellular shades can save you money while increasing your comfort:

thermophotos(see a larger image: just click!)

We’ve pinned some “How To’s,” as well as some “Just for Fun” images:


We invite you to “set a spell” and “y’all come back, now”. Fresh pins and posts!

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