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Decor Ideas for your window from TLC: “If eyes are the windows to the soul, then… windows are … one of the most important decorating decisions facing the homeowner.”

“Window treatments are more than a decorating decision… — [they] must also serve a functional end: to admit or block sunlight and to provide privacy. Window treatments need to do far more than look good.”

ANALYZE your needs:

  • How important is privacy?
  • What direction is the room’s “exposure” (south or west = sunny)?
  • Does your climate (hot or cold) call for energy-efficient window treatments?
  • Does the window’s architecture dictate a particular treatment?

How to make your Window Solution SIZZLE:

Sage Decorating ADVICE:

  • Absence of color doesn’t have to mean a lack of style at the windows.
  • Reflect your lifestyle: Casual and bold can be fun!
  • Shades “come in a range of diverse looks and executions. Compatible with virtually any decorating and architectural style”.
  • Choose from Clean-lined – Highly Decorative; Translucent – Opaque; Patterned – Solid.
  • “Because the blinds provide all the privacy and sunlight function … drapery treatment over them really can be for appearance only“. Try “fluid and spontaneous”.


Announcing a “Product Improvement” that Production began using last week: Magnets on Cordless Cellular Shades.

Here’s the top of a Cordless Top Down Bottom Up shade – with its *new* magnet system. This upgrade comes automatically with your Cordless TDBU shade:

A shade under assembly (above; you can see the fuzz bar on the work table, ready to be applied) is tilted up to show the strike plate (on the moving middle rail) and its companion magnet. This ensures a TIGHT closure when the “top” is fully raised.

For a Cordless or Cordless TDBU, the bottom / sill — which is an optional upgrade — looks like this:

Some customers may prefer not to screw the strike plates to their sills (one on each side of the shade), which is why we’ve made this an optional upgrade.

Full instructions for installation supplied in every order!

We’ve already gotten useful feedback on this new system: a Customer with a badly-leaning house needed PRIVACY. Their shade tilted into the room when it was lowered, creating unsightly gaps at the sides. These magnets got installed: Voilà, No More Wayward Shade!

You’ll see information soon on our Cordless pages (, but for now I post our installation instructions (cordless_magnets_082012). working to better
your window treatment experience!

A recent survey of customers about “Why’d you buy in July?” gathered us much information — including the absolute LOVE people have for their Top Down Bottom Up shades.

One reason for this is clearly illustrated in this group of photos. Here’s the after:

Not only does the room have a great “feel” due to the shades being partly UP from the bottom (and how nicely they counter-balance the drawn roman shades at the top of the window! — which happens to camouflage the cellular shades’ headrails), but it also reduces the view of the backyard shed:

I must confess that I simply love all the knotty pine! While the sun streaming through in the middle of winter is advantageous, imagine how HOT this same space would be without the shades once summer hits.

On Winter nights,” Barb in Colorado tells CWS, “we deploy the cellular shades completely and lower the Roman Shades made from Warm Windows fabric over them. I don’t know the resulting R value, but even with the worst of blizzards and 20 below outside, we feel no drafts or cold spots. Our winter utility bill has gone down dramatically since we installed the cellular shades and Roman Shades combination. The Roman Shades are great but the Symphony Shades completed the job.”

So how does the Top Down Bottom Up accomplish this?

Our post on APARTMENT THERAPY, which addressed the privacy issues solved by the Duofold (another name for the Top Down Bottom Up shade), also addresses handy TIPS for how these shades benefit you in WARM WEATHER as well as COLD WEATHER months.

To read CUSTOMER comments about the Top Down Bottom Up shade, click here.

The moment I saw this photo, I knew it would be of value to our blog readers:

As you can see, the day was fairly bright — there is light coming through the SHADES, yet you are not able to see through them. This demonstrates that “sense of light” which I often mention to people inquiring about how a light-filtering cellular fabric looks when in a window.

This next photo is of great interest because of the top down, bottom up shade: Obviously, taken on a wintry day, the sun is quite minimal (pity us!); yet, the photo again illustrates how the light filters through the shade, as well as how much privacy they achieve.

And if you WANT to see out: Just Open Your Shade! Cellular Shades certainly are meant to be opened and closed with some regularity: what we call “cycling” the shade.

Stay tuned for more pictures!

There are those — unlike the can’t-stay-asleepers — who sleep oh-so-well that they need a bit of rousing in the morning. Guess what! There is no better way of awaking naturally than your cellular shade in a light filtering fabric.

Just imagine this scenario:

The sun is breaking over the horizon, the sky slowly begins to lighten — and you are “naturally” awakened as your room brightens and brightens. Isn’t that a more comforting way to wake up than the ding of an alarm clock. (Not that we advocate anyone going clockless!)

Take a look at this bedroom:

The shade color just compliments this idea of waking by the rays of the sun, doesn’t it?!

The light filtering fabric provides the privacy one requires in a bedroom, as well as filters out bothersome nighttime ambient light from street lamps or porch lights on neighboring housing.

Here you can see how the TOP DOWN/BOTTOM UP feature would come in handy! Then you’d get light in the room, but still keep the privacy within the room.

Many years go, one Boston radio announcer, whose show was carried locally here on Vermont Public Radio, began his morning hours of classical music not with a musical interlude, but with birdsong! First one bird, tweeting (and not on Twitter!); then another joined in; then a few more until a whole tree-full of birds. Then, quietly growing out from this background, gaining in volume, came the theme music (in case you’re curious: Handel’s Arrival of the Queen of Sheba). It was simply lovely.

So, for those who want a gentle awakening…. try light filtering cellular shades, along with your morning birdsong.

We welcome ideas from our readers on how you best like your morning to start.

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