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Perusing HOUZZ, this article’s very title compelled me to read it:

not my books!

The story begins with a conversation:

Years ago I was chatting with an acquaintance, and she referred to a weekly meeting she attended without naming it. I asked her what it was.

“Overreaders Anonymous,” she said.

I froze. I had no idea there was such a 12-step group, but if anyone was an overreader, I knew I was. And then my auditory memory caught up with my fervid imagination, and I realized she had actually said, “Overeaters,” and I resumed breathing.

Like author Alison Hodgson, reading is my drug of choice. I must say, in my defense, that much has been amassed over the years that interests me still: favorite authors, authoritative texts on history, fascinating biographies. For the most part, my books ARE books that I cherish and dip into, and yes, sometimes, re-read.

But what of those “lesser” books, gifts or really-wrong purchases. Why are those still in my house?!

Alison Hodgson uses a two-fold system to winnow out the duds:

Do I love it?

Will I read it again?

If your answer, over and over again, is “yes” – take a look at Houzz and get some ideas for shelves, like these:

library books

Alison has also included a “housekeeping” section to her article, as well as a link to Lisa Frederick’s article on “accessorizing with paperbacks”. (One of her thoughts: Group by color!)

If more shelves, carousels, and book nooks are not in the cards, and “downsizing” your library is a must, don’t forget to read Alison’s “4 Obstacles to Decluttering — and How to Beat Then.”

I’m new to Pinterest –> am trying to build up some boards and populate them with pins.

Would love to hook up with others – especially those whose interest is in similar areas: travel, books, decor, (easy) cooking (for that last read: desserts!)

Stop by and COMMENT – or better yet follow us so we can follow you!

  • Invite us to your “favorite places & spaces”
  • Recommend a book “worth reading” – we’d LOVE that!
  • Share thoughts on “home” and “style”

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UPDATE 6 / Aug /2012: Have added some NEW *boards* — including video (youtube) how-tos and “stats”, for those who LOVE figures and graphs alongside the shades. Would LOVE to add some “GUEST PINNER” boards: email me with your pinterest info!!

Two things grab me about this photograph:

The sets of shelves with glass doors which off-set the shelf that’s left open.

The gentle curve that opens out the corner.

While some of this room seems dated – (very Retro!?) – I pulled this photo to bring up the HOUZZ article on turning a small, unused room into a “library”.

Who doesn’t need more ROOM?

Especially for BOOKS.

Join CellularWindowShades on HOUZZ – we’ve added the new link to our sidebar as well.

For the Month of June we may not be offering fifty shades of grey, but GREY is our featured Color of the Month. Cellular Shades made in the following colors offer an EXTRA 10% off their base shade price:

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Readers of this blog will perhaps have noted that I am a bibliophile, a lover of BOOKS. We all collect something … Yet it is AMAZING how books have become a Decorating Idea. Take, for instance, The Strand Bookstore (a BIG favorite to visit either in person or via mail order) in New York City:

Do you notice the BOOKS BY THE FOOT advertisement?? (You can click on the above image to go there.) Not only will The Strand “assemble” you “a great book collection,” they can also RENT you a book collection! Only in New York do you encounter some of these scenarios on a regular basis: “Strand … has every kind of book you might need to design your set, stage your model apartment, or create that perfect look for your photo shoot.”

Another site will sell books by the yard ! BOOK DECOR specializes in “designer leather-bound books”.

Just look at this GORGEOUS room (all that sumptuous wood!); it invites you to slip into that leather chair by the windows, doesn’t it?

As an aside, I see no shades on the arched windows at the back, and venetian blinds on the window at the right. BOTH will let in a tremendous amount of leather-harming UV rays, depending on which direction the windows face. Perfect example of what might be done with cellular shades! Light Diffusing fabrics would allow in light, without beating the sun’s rays on all that leather, wood, and wool (surely the carpet in this lovely room is not synthetic…).

Here’s a lovely example of what can be done with a long window topped by an arched area, when using Cellular Window Shades:

As you can see, their solution was to LEAVE the upper portion uncovered — yet you still see the “divided lights” of the window through the cellular fabric.

Anyway, we’d love to hear from other book lovers — give us photos of your fabric rooms; send us lists of your favorite books; give us your decorating challenges!

Here’s’s solutions to “Decorating with Books“; Home & Garden‘s blog features an inventive “serving cart” movable book shelf; and this couple seems to arrangement their books BY THE DUST JACKET COLOR, which gives a definitive look to the walls. A nice New York Times article on a book buyer/collector (click on the “extra photos” for more pictures) will round out our Book Nooks chat! And to save your collection, whether new or antique, from the fading effects of the sun, check out our website.

It dawned on me this morning to ask our “Inside Scoop” readers to propose their own books &c. for a well-stocked Decorator’s bookshelf. So I pose these questions:

  • What books have you come across that were helpful, useful, or just plain fun to flip through?
  • What books did you just want to fling across the room? (and secretly wished to get your money back!)
  • Have you magazines you look forward to seeing in your store or mailbox every month/quarter?

I’ll start off with a magazine, which isn’t solely dedicated to decorating in any way, but always gives such great “hints” because of the homes, hotels, and businesses spotlighted in its pages: Bliss Victoria magazine. Now, I’m not talking the “over the top” Victoriana decor by any means; but fine furniture, tasteful decorations, the small welcome tidbits like embroidered linens and classic, framed family-silhouettes. Just starts the mind buzzing, don’t you think?

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