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This past January, HGTV’s giveaway DREAM HOME was actually in our state of VERMONT, down in the ski-area of Stowe. There were several local stories about the house and the winners.

An early HGTV post can be found here.

Take a TOUR of all the rooms. The network is calling this “Vermont Mountain Lodge” their “most popular Dream Home” to date!

Stowe isn’t super far from here, especially now that we’ve moved to Williston, Vermont – it would be a quick ride on the highway, then down route 100. For the “official” Go Stowe website, click here.

Winner Eric Makstenieks is a stay-at-home dad. And their *new* home was featured locally in this 7 Days article. The Makstenieks plan to keep the place as a vacation home.

Isn’t it gorgeous!?!


As the new month of May progresses, I take this opportunity to mention our May “COLOR OF THE MONTH”BLUE!

Am I the only one out there who remembers Petula Clark?? Her music certainly lives on, for last year’s British TV show Lost in Austen featured a redo of Clark’s hit “DOWNTOWN”. (The YouTube version CUTS this song — so don’t go looking for it…)

Dying to remember the tune? Here’s a snippet via

As Pet sings: Take the blue from the sky up above… Just color my world.

So, searching for a bit of blue “color psychology”, I came across this design website Choosing Paint Colors Made Easy. I love their assessment of a person who likes the color blue:

If blue is your favorite color you are basically a calm, peaceful and contented person. You are likely to be sensitive to others with an inclination to speak and act somewhat cautiously. You may find it difficult to let go of emotions but enjoy life and make a trustworthy friend.”


Another website claims BLUE to stand for “heaven, divinity, divine love. It is the symbol of wisdom and the color of hope and generosity.” BLUE is among the “cool colors”. “These colors are known to slow down our perceptions of time. They appear slick and professional in presentations,” the site says, “but may turn people off because of their coolness. These colors recede into the distance…. These colors are associated with sadness, depression, and melancholia.”

That surely is NOT the case with Pet Clark’s Song!

So, if you Color Your World BLUE this month, you’ll save 10 percent!

As May begins, we celebrate two “May 1st” observances: May Day, of course, but how apropos for a company that produces Window Shades to see that May 1st is also commemorating NEW HOMEOWNER’S DAY! Can there be any better way to celebrate that milestone than by order some cellular shade fabric samples and anticipating a “face lift” of your windows?

According to Brownielocks and the Three Bears (see post below, Thou hath more hair), May is quite well covered when it comes to the pursuits of things like gardening and cooking:

  • May is Clean Air Month
  • May is Gifts from the Garden Month
  • May is National Barbeque Month
  • May is Nation Egg Month
  • May is National Salad Month
  • and May is National Smile Month!

There are observances for:

  • Astronomy Week (2-8)
  • National Wildflower Week (ditto)
  • American Craft Beer Week (16-21)
  • Free Comic Book Day (two! May 1 & 7)
  • Garden Meditation Day (May 3)
  • Cinco de Mayo (May 5, of course)
  • VE Day (May 8)
  • Mother’s Day (ditto)
  • Letter Carrier’s Food Drive Day (May 14)
  • National Pizza Party Day (who knew!? May 15)
  • Victoria Day in Canada
  • Memorial Day in the US

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