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It’s not every post that I talk about our monthly, ongoing sales: But this is one of our best –> the Tiered Sale.

Nearly every order qualifies: Save $10 on purchases of $100…. all the way up to our top tier of $500 off a purchase of $2000 or more. That’s a sale of 25% off our already-low, competitive pricing!

And what do you get with a Symphony Shade from — a quality, hand-crafted product that’s made in America.

Our Williston, Vermont factory sells direct to you, no middle man. Even our fabrics and parts are American-made. I invite you to click on About Us to learn more about our family-owned business.

Check out all our current sales, including a 15% off sale on Arches.
(current through Sunday 28 April 2013)

Once summer arrives, will you wish you had put a shade over that skylight? Or, black out shades in your bedroom? Now’s your chance at HUGE savings — and you’ll get a jump on Sprucing up for Spring! Talk about a “GREEN Solution“. The savings will slip back into your pocket.


Top Down Bottom Up, Light Filtering Shades

Daylight4Daylight Skylight Blinds


Every week my co-worker and I receive emails with the latest posts at HOUZZ. Imagine Michelle’s surprise when she recognized the names of the Vermont owners of this lakeside gem:

Svetlana and Donat Stern‘s home is a feature by Mary Prince, a Boston-based photographer/writer for Houzz. How fun to read that her ideal in portraiture “includes some environmental detail where the subject is holding an object or a pet, or sitting in a favorite chair or room”. That is EXACTLY what I see in folk art portraiture!

In my house, I’d kill for a family portrait along these lines; Svetlana and Donat, on the other hand, have a very sleek and modern taste. In fact, the Sterns have a collection of Russian works by the artist identified as Postoev V.D.:

You can tour this property by clicking the photo above. Don’t “we” live in a lovely part of the state?!? South Cove, in Burlington, is a short distance from the Williston Offices of

In celebration of  “Earth Day”, the Team at CellularWindowShades joins the crowd with our 2-cents worth!

One thing I can comment on today is, with our recent move to Williston, Vermont (from Essex Junction, Vermont), we’ve undoubtedly accomplished some savings as far as our utilities (heat, lights) go. It’s like going from an appliance made in the “good old days” and upgrading to a spanking new 5-energy-stars one! Chalk up one for the planet.

Our company has, in the past, donated products and money; two more recent ones I recall (1) a donation to Haitian Relief accumulated from a percentage of sales, to help with the aftermath of their devastating earthquake. We also (2) participated in a donation of shades to the Salvation Army, which sold the units through their local store. Giving back means a lot to our company. Chalk up two for the planet.

Some companies “give” to their customers: Starbucks, for instance, has a promotion for free coffee or tea — providing you show up with a reusable mug.

Reading through Starbucks’ blog post on their Earth Day promotion, it really strikes me that our cellular window shades fit right into this scheme of “the impact one can make through careful, conscious choices.” Starbucks recognizes the impact of trash on this planet with a build-up of one-use beverage containers in our landfills. The wonderful thing about our products are their longevity — a Symphony Shade is for life! You repair rather than replace. And in this world of easy disposability, that is a rarity indeed.

Tell us how you celebrate “Earth Day” today. We’d love to know!

This weekend, moves to new premises! We drive the entire business — team, supplies and goods — a few miles away to the town of Williston, Vermont!

I’m sharing with you some of our early pictures of our new place. Enjoy!

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