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This weekend, moves to new premises! We drive the entire business — team, supplies and goods — a few miles away to the town of Williston, Vermont!

I’m sharing with you some of our early pictures of our new place. Enjoy!

Came across this exceptionally useful article by Linda Cann Pearson:

“One of the more important decisions we make when decorating our home is what type of window treatments to use.”

Linda suggests coordinating window treatments with existing accessories or “go with something entirely different”! Use “window treatments as a main feature in a room” or “downplay the window[s]… to allow more focus in another area”.


1) Want to give windows sparkle and pizzazz? Add a few shelves and adorn them with small colored bottles and pitchers — or whatever you happen to love to collect.

2) Add stained glass – you can buy them ready-made and hang them in your window for the same effect.

3) Add shelves so that your collectibles are displayed IN the window.

4) Top your window with a wood valance or cornice.

5) Love birds? Put out feeders and watch the birds flock to your window!

6) Hanging planters have long been window favorites.

7) Fabric valances give the sense of draperies without the whole window being taken over.

8) Sew your own window coverings.

9) Drape vintage hankies, table coverings etc. for a “touch of yesterday”.

10) Want something simple? Strings of glass beads or crystals.

Emma Riley Sutton stresses the important aspect:
“never be boring”!

The “Daily Fix” — from the editors of Interior Design magazine — has a useful article on the recent launch of Diane von Furstenberg’s Home Decor line for Bloomingdale’s.

Of great interest is the idea of “bold colors and intrepid patterns“. Take a look at this bedding ensemble:

Can’t you just see this paired up with
shades in our Color of the Month: Yellow!

10 lucky people will win a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts.



Be one of the first 100 people to “Like” us and leave us a comment
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Some incoming “favorite colors,” which are REALLY making for interesting reading:

  • Reva likes the ALTO JAZZ.
  • Barbara likes ARIA.
  • Joel likes GOLDEN ROD (he calls it a “Great Color!”).
  • Alex likes ARIA.
  • Carolyn likes TYMPANI.

See all the colors at SWATCHES.

In keeping with our theme of “Yellow” as the Color of the Month,
today we list some of our favorites:

The Blond Bombshell: Jean Harlow


Blondie, Dagwood & Family

Gentlemen prefer … Marilyn Monroe!

The Golden Arches of McDonald’s

Das Rheingold (Wagner):
Freia and the Tree of Golden Apples

Golden, Colorado:
“Where The West Lives!”

Gold Nugget

What happens in Vegas,
Stays in Vegas…

Sold Gold Dancers

Yellow Pages: Let your Fingers do the Walking

Yellowhammer: The Bird

Yellow by Coldplay

“Yellow” by
10% off during the month of February!


When pure white light passes through a prism, it separates into all the visible colors. Color Psychology looks at identifying the Psychological Effects of Color. So let’s take a look at our February color of the Month: YELLOW.

Under therapy studies, YELLOW is thought to stimulate the nerves and purify the body. YELLOW is a “warm” color, which evokes emotions of warmth, of comfort. Another word associated with the color is “cheerful”.


YELLOW, of course, is the color of the SUN! The brain actually releases serotonin (the brain’s “feel good” chemical), according to studies, when a person views YELLOW. This speeds the metabolism, and bring out creatives thoughts (think: YELLOW Legal Pads!). The color invokes laughter, happiness, good times.

YELLOW is the most visible color, the first color the human eye notices. That’s a reason behind its “traffic-related” appearances: Yield Signs and Traffic Lights.

YELLOW in its deepest tones can bring out the passions. So in decorating, use yellow sparingly, for that flash of brilliance. And what better place than on your windows!  Golden Shades this month at CellularWindowShades equals more “gold” in your pocket:


I’ve already confessed here my fanatical love of books – the thicker, the better. Does that love extend to bookstores, then? You bet! Walking around a bookstore (my favorite being, of course, the “antiquarian” bookstore) you find books, titles, subjects you never knew existed.

So when my colleague mentioned a Maastricht bookstore, now housed in a former Dominican Church, I made a beeline to find out more…

Read the story behind this facade
at Basilica: Theology of Space

Seems that The Guardian, in 2008, ran an article calling the Selexyz Dominicanen, housed in a 13th-century church, the “fairest bookstore.” According to Basilica‘s blog, since the article’s appearance “this place has been a madhouse”!

A quiet, reverential madhouse, I hope…

The blog comments that the church had not been used as a church for 200 years; so here is a fascinating “reuse” of a space (for more on reuse rather than dispose, see this post).

Looking at photographs of the interior, you find the church’s spaciousness retained, thanks to the use of tiered metal “floors”. And from a distance, that feeling evolves into a wall of books. And who wouldn’t love to “climb” such a wall!? Can’t do that with a Kindle!

BTW, this store holds “the largest stock of books in English in Maastricht”. Book me a ticket to the Netherlands right now!

  • Read the “original Guardian article. (Includes nine other *noteworthy* stores)

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