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Decor Ideas for your window from TLC: “If eyes are the windows to the soul, then… windows are … one of the most important decorating decisions facing the homeowner.”

“Window treatments are more than a decorating decision… — [they] must also serve a functional end: to admit or block sunlight and to provide privacy. Window treatments need to do far more than look good.”

ANALYZE your needs:

  • How important is privacy?
  • What direction is the room’s “exposure” (south or west = sunny)?
  • Does your climate (hot or cold) call for energy-efficient window treatments?
  • Does the window’s architecture dictate a particular treatment?

How to make your Window Solution SIZZLE:

Sage Decorating ADVICE:

  • Absence of color doesn’t have to mean a lack of style at the windows.
  • Reflect your lifestyle: Casual and bold can be fun!
  • Shades “come in a range of diverse looks and executions. Compatible with virtually any decorating and architectural style”.
  • Choose from Clean-lined – Highly Decorative; Translucent – Opaque; Patterned – Solid.
  • “Because the blinds provide all the privacy and sunlight function … drapery treatment over them really can be for appearance only“. Try “fluid and spontaneous”.


On sale through the 23rd of September,


  • Black Out Fabrics and Light Filtering Fabrics
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Belonging to HOUZZ, we receive updates via email. This particular story caught my eye immediately:

The photos used here are of exceptional views; my house overlooks the street and the neighbors. Yet, everyone can take away useful information from this article by Bud Dietrich, AIA:

  • What type of view do you have?
  • Do you want to capture this view to make it part of your home?
  • Should the window act alone or be organized with other windows?

The article then looks at various types of window styles:

While the gist of the HOUZZ article deals with the VIEW, you can follow the links to get decorating ideas should your views be less idyllic than seas, trees, fields, or mountains.

For instance, if your tub in front of the window had more than birds and the odd passing ship outside the window, what might you do? (Find the solution by clicking on the photo: a new “window” will open!)

The Green Building Forum, in the UK, featured this recent Q&A session about blinds. One forum-poster, JT, confessed “I think I’ve been so fixated on heat loss that I hadn’t given thought to avoiding overheating.”

With July temperatures already wilting many communities, OVERheating — through glass found in windows, patio doors, and skylights — is a concern.

Of exceptional interest is James’s link to this article on Thermal Performance of Traditional Windows. I have “original” windows in my modest Cape-style home here in Vermont, and have blogged a couple of times about the value and also the historic desirability of original sash windows (never mind the landfill conundrum). This article actually uses the phrase “evidence is available to counteract some of the misconceptions about the energy efficiency of original timber sash windows“. They advocate simple repairs and “basic improvements”.

In point number 3, where there is discussion of curtains and “roller blinds”, imagine how much more effective and efficient those windows could be with Cellular window shades. We’ve got data to back up our assertions: Check out our R-values for Cellular Shades page.

If the UK strives to target U-value for windows of 2 or below then more windows should be covered by Cellular Shades: “To compare R-value and U-factor, divide 1 by the U-factor number,” says the site Efficient Using this to get an R-value for “high performance double-pane windows” -> with a U-factor of 0.30 on average – that equates an R-value of 3.33.

This R-value is desirable: and what comes close is the Light Filtering Cellular Window shade fabric, with an R-value of 2.8.

Add side tracks to that same shade and you’ve raised the R-value to 3.3 — and tied that “high performance double-pane” window.

Use Black Out fabric rather than Light Filtering fabric and you up those values even more: R-value of 4.0 and, if you add side tracks, 4.7.

These numbers are for SHADE ALONE. Once you factor in the window itself, you’re potentially reaching R-values in the range of 8.2.

So how does all this help with keeping OUT the hot weather, as well as keeping in HEAT during the winter months?

English Heritage has produced a video Sash Windows – Why They Are Worth Keeping. The same link also gives access to a couple of well-thought-out publications on improving thermal performance.

It’s a two-way street: What improves to keep heating inside rather than dissipating to the outdoors also helps keep the sweltering outdoor temperatures from impacting your internal temperature. If outdoor heat doesn’t enter your premises, then your cooling system — whether a/c units or fans — can relax and work much less. offers the following “Handy Info” pages:

* * *

“There is nothing quite like walking into a cool room on a hot day…”

If you answer the following question, with a YES, maybe it’s time
to research Cellular Shades and Skylights:

Do you start your air conditioning early in the morning,
and run it all day??

(for A Cooler You, Click on the link or photo)

Feel like you’re frying??

Everyone discusses the “insulating” power of cellular shades in winter = they keep the cold drafts off! But, guess what? cellular shades insulate against the hot rays of the sun too!

Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting in your favorite chair beside the window, or under the skylight, and the sun’s just beating down on you. Do you feel hot? You bet! Now if you have a window shade, lower it so that the beating sun is just a dapple of light on the other side. Don’t you instantly feel cooler?! And you feel cooler because you ARE cooler, the shade’s insulation power is working to keep the heat outdoors, where it belongs. This, in the long-run, saves you $$$ = feeling cooler means you keep the thermostat at its present level instead of turning it down.

A bonus: how green a solution is this? You save money and also energy!

Check out our “cooling” window shades page on the CWS website.

In celebration of  “Earth Day”, the Team at CellularWindowShades joins the crowd with our 2-cents worth!

One thing I can comment on today is, with our recent move to Williston, Vermont (from Essex Junction, Vermont), we’ve undoubtedly accomplished some savings as far as our utilities (heat, lights) go. It’s like going from an appliance made in the “good old days” and upgrading to a spanking new 5-energy-stars one! Chalk up one for the planet.

Our company has, in the past, donated products and money; two more recent ones I recall (1) a donation to Haitian Relief accumulated from a percentage of sales, to help with the aftermath of their devastating earthquake. We also (2) participated in a donation of shades to the Salvation Army, which sold the units through their local store. Giving back means a lot to our company. Chalk up two for the planet.

Some companies “give” to their customers: Starbucks, for instance, has a promotion for free coffee or tea — providing you show up with a reusable mug.

Reading through Starbucks’ blog post on their Earth Day promotion, it really strikes me that our cellular window shades fit right into this scheme of “the impact one can make through careful, conscious choices.” Starbucks recognizes the impact of trash on this planet with a build-up of one-use beverage containers in our landfills. The wonderful thing about our products are their longevity — a Symphony Shade is for life! You repair rather than replace. And in this world of easy disposability, that is a rarity indeed.

Tell us how you celebrate “Earth Day” today. We’d love to know!

The moment I saw this photo, I knew it would be of value to our blog readers:

As you can see, the day was fairly bright — there is light coming through the SHADES, yet you are not able to see through them. This demonstrates that “sense of light” which I often mention to people inquiring about how a light-filtering cellular fabric looks when in a window.

This next photo is of great interest because of the top down, bottom up shade: Obviously, taken on a wintry day, the sun is quite minimal (pity us!); yet, the photo again illustrates how the light filters through the shade, as well as how much privacy they achieve.

And if you WANT to see out: Just Open Your Shade! Cellular Shades certainly are meant to be opened and closed with some regularity: what we call “cycling” the shade.

Stay tuned for more pictures!

Came across this exceptionally useful article by Linda Cann Pearson:

“One of the more important decisions we make when decorating our home is what type of window treatments to use.”

Linda suggests coordinating window treatments with existing accessories or “go with something entirely different”! Use “window treatments as a main feature in a room” or “downplay the window[s]… to allow more focus in another area”.


1) Want to give windows sparkle and pizzazz? Add a few shelves and adorn them with small colored bottles and pitchers — or whatever you happen to love to collect.

2) Add stained glass – you can buy them ready-made and hang them in your window for the same effect.

3) Add shelves so that your collectibles are displayed IN the window.

4) Top your window with a wood valance or cornice.

5) Love birds? Put out feeders and watch the birds flock to your window!

6) Hanging planters have long been window favorites.

7) Fabric valances give the sense of draperies without the whole window being taken over.

8) Sew your own window coverings.

9) Drape vintage hankies, table coverings etc. for a “touch of yesterday”.

10) Want something simple? Strings of glass beads or crystals.

Emma Riley Sutton stresses the important aspect:
“never be boring”!

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