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In reading Kelly’s comment to the prior post on “What’s Your Dream Home…?“, my memory went back to an article read in 7 Days. Kelly’s dream was a Swiss Family Robinson experience in a Treehouse – and if she can get to Lincoln, Vermont, she could live out that fantasy at Tiny Fern Forest. The ad is on (which was the topic of Katherine Flagg‘s 2012 “Home Away from Home” article in 7 Days).

tiny fern forest

It must indeed be a “Vermont Thing,” for I have found other treehouse rentals!

For instance, in Waterbury, Vermont, there is Moose Meadow – which features a log home AND this TREEHOUSE:

moose meadow

Country Living has an online photo gallery which opens with Moose Meadow, and includes EIGHT other Treehouse accommodations — From Oregon, to South Carolina, and even Hawaii.

NB: the BIG SUR Treehouse might even appeal to PoshPedlar, who also commented on the “What’s Your Dream Home…?” post. W-o-W!

And makes mention of Tiny Fern and another Vermont cabin that’s perched so precariously I’ll give it a nod here — in Barton, Vermont (also listed on AirBnB).

If you’re interested in the “Tiny House” movement, do check out the RelaxShacks blog – and Derek Diedricksen‘s book (take a deep breath, for it’s a LONG title:) Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshakle Retreats, Funky Forts (and Whatever the Heck Else we could squeeze in Here).

So, Miss Robinson (aka Kelly), there are indeed treehouses out there for you to try!


… and also RELIABILITY (the perfect thing for a cellular shade then!).

Brown is —surprise!—our Color of the Month for September. And look at these great-named colors:

  • Coffee Bean [dark brown, double cell, black out]
  • Pinecone [dark brown, single cell, black out]
  • Reed
  • Operetta [caramel brown, double cell, light filtering]
  • Vienna Wood [wood-toned brown, double cell, light filtering]
  • Tambourine [grey-brown, single cell, light filtering]

Ahhh, and the color of this gorgeous horse – who certainly symbolizes strength, beauty, nature, and (in the good-olde-buggie-days) reliability.

At, readers sent in their reactions to the color BROWN. Marti hit the nail on the head by feeling that the color “oozes security. It symbolizes HOME, contentment and peace and quietness.”

Other discussions bring up the “organic” association and the “most things natural” connotation of the color BROWN.

Brown can also provide a sense of “being down-to-earth”.

So, whether you’re in the market for some lovely shades for your New York Brownstone or your UPS Office or as a special gift for that “Brown-Eyed Girl” – you know where to look, all month long.

Dream Home Decorating has a few hints for Brown-lovers, even including what hues of other colors you find in Brown. They, likewise, bring up the idea of TEXTURE – bringing into the mix thoughts of woollens, woods, terracotta, straw, wicker, stone, ceramics.

From the Floors Up, a flooring & interiors blog, discusses all aspects of flooring – including wood, inlay, indoor/outdoor, trends, and “green” flooring.

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