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Shade Schematics

  • Ever wonder what all those shade “parts” are called?
  • Ever wonder if your shade is a Standard Cord Lock or a Continuous Cord Loop?
  • Take a look at the “exploded views” of our shades!

Choose your shade’s operating type from the list below
and a detailed PDF will come up
(please note: these are not meant
to encourage self-repairs!)

Standard Cord Lock shade
(see Cordlock instructions, below)

Top Down Bottom Up shade
(note: heavier line indicates movable middle-rail’s
cords, which exit left cordlock; this is self-leveling)

 exploded view_smoothy
Continuous Cord Loop shade

Cordless shade

Motorized shade and programming

“Balcony” Skylight (inc: instructions)

* * * * *

the Standard Clutch:

standard_cordlock <– this PDF will illustrate the parts
instructions for “threading” the clutch:

The cords go around (behind) the Cord Lock Roller; under the Cord Lock Pawl – the easiest seems to be to ‘thread’ them under first, then attempt to thread the Cord Lock Valve, prior to dropping the Valve into place. The Valve must have the opening facing the shade (a right cord lock will have the opening to the left, therefore). You can see there is “play” from left to right, for the string, once the Valve is in place. And the Valve must be placed so that the “wings” on the Valve trap the Cord Lock Pawl (the Pawl will have a tendency to swing so that its metal rim points to the back of the clutch; it must point to the front). Specifically, the cord must be trapped under the Pawl and the Pawl must be trapped under the Cord Lock Valve.

* * * * *

The Smoothy Clutch
Informative VIDEO on changing out a Smoothy clutch

* * * * *

  • How do I remove my Cellular Shade?Handy instructions for all shade types:


VIDEO: How To Remove Standard/Top Down Bottom Up shades

  • “How do I operate my Cellular Shade?” Handy instructions for all operating styles:


* * * * *

  • What do the balcony skylight shades look like, “in the flesh”?

<–Our model – from the front, fully closed.










Our model, with the shade raised so the side retainer and bottom rails are visible. –>

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Good work! keep it flowing, Thank you very much.

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