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With temperatures here in the Northeast topping 90-degrees today (whew!), I thought I’d post a few “summertime” kinds of activities for the upcoming week-end.

(5) Set up a string hammock:


(4) Haul out the ice cream machine:


(3) Let your kids paddle in the ol’ wash tub:


(2) Plan a picnic at your local State Park:


(1) Enjoy a movie the old-fashioned way,
at a Drive-In:


As the weekend approaches, think about how much more comfortable your home would be without those holes in the ceilings and walls known as Skylights and Windows:

  •  49-degrees in Sault Ste Marie? Pull down your shades to keep warm.
  • 110-degrees in Phoenix? Pull your skylight shades down and keep the sun at bay.
  • Check out our latest sale at – our “tiered sale” means that every shade order can save you $$$!

A few weeks ago, when out grocery shopping, I spotted TWO AISLES of Halloween candy; sorry, but “groan!”

My coworker, a few days ago, mentioned she’d seen Christmas items out on display. I rather hated to burst her bubble — but the Xmas was already spotted as creeping up on the Halloween stuff…

I know shopkeepers can’t wait for “holiday shoppers” – but why can nothing be savored in the moment? So on this Labor Day 2011, let’s think cool summer thoughts and let “the holidays” take care of themselves.

Last weekend southern Vermont was inundated with flood-waters in the passing of hurricane Irene; but the Champlain Valley, where operates from, experienced rain without the flooding. We had a business to come to work to on MONDAY morning. Others, south of us, were not so lucky; take a look at Quechee, for instance. The good news today, more households have their electricity back. LOTS of labor will be happening to get communities back on their feet.

The first Labor Day was celebrated in 1882. It was a labor union parade:

The Labor Day Weekend is traditionally seen as the “end” of summer — so while summer weather may prevail, there are also the warm days/crisp nights combos that signal FALL.

Feel like you’re frying??

Everyone discusses the “insulating” power of cellular shades in winter = they keep the cold drafts off! But, guess what? cellular shades insulate against the hot rays of the sun too!

Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting in your favorite chair beside the window, or under the skylight, and the sun’s just beating down on you. Do you feel hot? You bet! Now if you have a window shade, lower it so that the beating sun is just a dapple of light on the other side. Don’t you instantly feel cooler?! And you feel cooler because you ARE cooler, the shade’s insulation power is working to keep the heat outdoors, where it belongs. This, in the long-run, saves you $$$ = feeling cooler means you keep the thermostat at its present level instead of turning it down.

A bonus: how green a solution is this? You save money and also energy!

Check out our “cooling” window shades page on the CWS website.

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