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HOUZZ suggests “five fixes” for selling your place. I’d suggest doing these five fixes because you want a change!

A friend, on the brink of retirement, knew she’d be selling her home within a few months (this was well before the housing market bust…). She had” ALWAYS” wanted to have wood flooring (it had wall-to-wall). So what did she do shortly before her move? She had wood flooring installed. She thought it would help the house sell.

And she bought a new fridge.

I would have preferred to ENJOY these “upgrades”!

So, reading this houzz post, I just had to share with Inside Scoop readers my own experience, 15-long-years-ago.

Point #3 discusses flooring. Replace Old Carpet: “Stained or dated carpet is a HUGE turnoff…”

The best room in my house is the living room. Picture it: Large plate-glass window, flanked by double-sash windows at the front. Fireplace, flanked by shelves off to the left. Real Pine pine-panelling in an inventive tongue-and-grove installation. A masterly plastered ceiling, done with a “fan” swirl throughout. Orange shag wall-to-wall carpet…..


Well, in 1970 it was undoubtedly RUST-colored shag Wall-to-Wall. By the time I got to it twenty-five years later it had faded to orange. Truly grotesque!

But did that keep me from buying the house? In a word: No. I loved the layout, the 1940s “bones”. The space. The possibilities.

And yet, what’s the FIRST thing I did: I ripped out that Orange Wall-to-Wall Shag. Didn’t care WHAT lay beneath it. Didn’t have anything to put down once the carpet and underlay were gone. Didn’t have money to spare in extensive refinishing.

So what was under this sea of Orange Shag?? A tolerable oak-wood, in a burnished red/gold tone that sparkles in the sunshine.

visit CellularWindowShadesYes, Fairy, I *LUCKED OUT*

In short, do NOT put off till tomorrow those decor upgrades you’d KILL to be living with.


Remember the line from Sunset Boulevard: “They had faces then” –Norma Desmond knew that visuals were worth a thousand words.

With films routinely being made in “3-D” — giving “faces” noses, chins, and cheekbones — now is the time for The Inside Scoop to break through the wall (no pun intended) and talk about our own “third-dimension”.

Orders will always inquire about the width of a shade, the length of a shade. Twice today my colleague and I have taken phone calls that brought to mind the undiscussed dimension: that of DEPTH.

Both calls regarded our Balcony Skylight Shade — on which currently offers a 20%-off sale (sale ends this weekend).

My Colleague’s caller wanted to know the measurement of the side retainer tracks. These pieces appear at the sides of our Skylight Shades (shade schematics) and the left one is seen on the left side of this photo (above).

They measure a good 2-inches, in depth.

My caller had difficulty quantifying “depth” – because the measuring guide made no mention of it. The Product Information, which should be the first page consulted, gives all our max and mins. The minimum depth required for mounting a Skylight Shade is given there as 1 and 1/4-inches. Of course that means that if your tracks measure 2-inches – there is an addition inch and a quarter that juts out beyond the opening.

While we custom-make every shade to your dimensions, the dimension of depth is possibly the most important measurement you can take.

So, a word to the wise: Always account for the third-dimension!

The skylight opening pictured at right has no bottom “shelf”. Can CellularWindowShades build a shade to fit this space? Yes — but, that fourth side needs to be built, then a set of length measurements taken. Why? Because the shade has brackets at the bottom and top — it’s the middle rail that moves so the shade opens and closes.

This photo at left has it all: four sides, with 90-degree corners; a depth greater than 1.25 inches. The photo shows the shade at the interior edge, but you could place that shade further into the “box”, just as long as the shade is not right up against the glass.

For required depths, and other product information, see our Skylight page:

For our VIDEO on how to operate a “Balcony” Skylight Shade – check out CWS‘s YouTube channel.

Looking through magazines over the weekend, I came across two US-based companies that deal in designs. Blog readers of The Inside Scoop at will appreciate the ease with which you can customize more and more of your decor.

Have you ever wanted to design your own fabrics? allows the inner-William Morris in you to blossom!

With you can order fabrics based on their designs, or upload your own design and see it become unique yardage. The above fabric – CHERRY, by Troismiettes – is found under Classic –> floral. 

Posted on the site by JesseLeeDesigns is an 18-inch drum pendant light, made with this fabric:

JesseLeeDesigns appears on

Envision pairing this with our new Cellular Shade color Tobago Blue — one of 17 new colors on our website. A lovely match for this little “blue” bird! Or, how about a little Shade in Espresso to match the “brown” bird? Gardenia would compliment the blossoms. The combinations are endless!

* * *

William Morris also designed wallpaper, and York Wallcoverings offers spectacular designs for papers, with over 15,000 designs for residential and commercial applications. Their document and design archive go back to the 1700s!

If you’re interested in the history of America’s oldest and largest wallpaper manufacturer, watch their video!

* * *

Don’t miss out on the Inside Scoop’s earlier blog post about Canvas Floorcoverings, made in Vermont.

Happy Leap “Day” – February 29th

An FYI to readers of The Inside Scoop at

Our website has a GREAT sale going on at the moment! A tiered sale, the more you purchase, the greater your savings:

  • Spend $250 or more — save $25
  • Spend $500 or more — save $75
  • Spend $1000 or more — save $200
  • Spend $2000 or more — save $500

Savings therefore range from 10% to 25% off regular prices (excluding arches and single-cell shades, which are already on sale).

You could therefore turn your home from this:

–> What Sonia, the owner, termed her “black hole” — into this –>:

See more before & after pictures on this page. Our newer additions are found further down the page — and we heartily encourage YOU to send us your before & afters! We love to see where our shades are “living”!!

With the time change, the one thing we have noticed here, at CellularWindowShades’ headquarters, is the amount of glass frontage our new building has. How *DARK* a parking lot ringed by trees becomes when you sit in a halo of light!

In addition to our Tiered Sale on skylight and window shades, is once again offering a 10% off (taken off base shade price) for the color of the month: This month’s color is GREY. So, how about a Nice Flannel for the cooler-colder weather of late Fall!?!

Our Greys include, in Double Cell Cellular Fabric:

  • TAMBOUR (dark taupe grey)
  • FLUTE (dark grey)
  • MISTY (light grey)

In Single Cell Cellular fabric:

  • DESTRA (grey)
  • TENOR (dark grey)

In searching for some “fellow bloggers” I came across Louisville Draperies and their post on how SUNLIGHT “enchances our mood”. Only too true! Here in Vermont we’ve had a number of days — increasingly warmer, which is no bad thing for November — of brilliant sunshine! Just makes you feel good!!

So I invite readers of The Inside Scoop at CellularWindowShades to read someone else’s take on sunlight, window treatments, and energy savings. So click on the link and prepare for some lovely accompanying photographs.

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