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Looking through magazines over the weekend, I came across two US-based companies that deal in designs. Blog readers of The Inside Scoop at will appreciate the ease with which you can customize more and more of your decor.

Have you ever wanted to design your own fabrics? allows the inner-William Morris in you to blossom!

With you can order fabrics based on their designs, or upload your own design and see it become unique yardage. The above fabric – CHERRY, by Troismiettes – is found under Classic –> floral. 

Posted on the site by JesseLeeDesigns is an 18-inch drum pendant light, made with this fabric:

JesseLeeDesigns appears on

Envision pairing this with our new Cellular Shade color Tobago Blue — one of 17 new colors on our website. A lovely match for this little “blue” bird! Or, how about a little Shade in Espresso to match the “brown” bird? Gardenia would compliment the blossoms. The combinations are endless!

* * *

William Morris also designed wallpaper, and York Wallcoverings offers spectacular designs for papers, with over 15,000 designs for residential and commercial applications. Their document and design archive go back to the 1700s!

If you’re interested in the history of America’s oldest and largest wallpaper manufacturer, watch their video!

* * *

Don’t miss out on the Inside Scoop’s earlier blog post about Canvas Floorcoverings, made in Vermont.

Happy Leap “Day” – February 29th

Many WordPress bloggers have had a LOT to say about the wacky weather lately; here’s a few favorites that have popped up:

 The Beautiful Grand Canyon
on “perdueosity”.

If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, you’ll witness some startling photographs!


 Winter Enchantment,
on “The Lonely Walkers Blog”.

18 degrees Centigrade, a camera,
and some Italian Lakes…;
who could ask for more?

Hunting the Light – Day 10,
on Chez Louis

Can’t get much more “north” than the Arctic Circle

Visit the BURLINGTON HOME SHOW this weekend
and meet Gordon’s Window Decor‘s guest:

Michael will do a one-hour presenation at 12 pm and 3 pm on Saturday, 25 February 2012, and at 12:30 pm on Sunday in the Sheraton Hotel Conference room.

Michael will also be present at the Gordon’s Window Decor booths, #102 & 103.

Place: The Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, South Burlington, Vermont

Given that my colleague and I answer queries every day — sometimes we’re chatting with customers as far away as Australia — from our Vermont headquarters, I found last evening’s ABC News broadcast about the return of Call Center Jobs to the US exceptionally interesting:

The thrust of the story is that simple queries and routine customer service (pin number changes or account balance inquiries) are now routinely taken care of via website information and links, which leaves more complex questions for live operators to answer.

The argument is that overseas operators who have learned English for their jobs (and been “given” American-sounding names, like Peggy in those Discover Card commercials!) take more time, and perhaps need more calls, to rectify a situation than a native-English speaker from the same geographic/cultural sphere. “Time is money,” and that means a reverse in the flow of jobs may be upon the country.

Novel idea, huh?

If I may be allowed a bit of self-directed praise, The CellularWindowShades. com customer service team help via email, mail, fax, and phone – we’re knowledgable about our products, and happy to help with more complex problems of in-home design via photos and descriptions. No Peggys here!

Knowing my penchant for book collecting, a colleague sent me this Apartment Therapy link; I loved the article (and the to-die-for-photos!) so much that I pass it along with The Inside Scoop readers…

This photo is a fave: not only books, but also a lovely-looking collection of portraits and prints. The shabby-chic sofa looks oh-so-comfortable; the whiteness of the walls and ceiling give the room a crispness well-complimented by the warmer tones of the wood chair and hard-wood floors.

The original of the photo comes from Le Sueur Interiors, and seems to have been posted (in August 2011) when parts of the US was in the midst of a terrific and intensely-long heatwave. The designers at LeSueur, located in Houston, recorded a temp of 106 degrees. Wacky weather, indeed.

To visit Apartment Therapy’s “Ten Charming Home Libraries”, just click on the picture or this link.

After finding the chocolate brownie recipe, I’m thinking to include (monthly?) some recipe that has caught our eyes. So, today, this very dark-looking Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding from the Women of Austin Ridge. Click on the picture to visit their kitchen!

I had to chuckle reading about Kirsten’s Copenhagen “year abroad” — she’s from California, and had (as she says) “been cocky” about escaping a cold and snowy winter. Until FEBRUARY. This post is from the 10th, and she entitles it Cold-enhagen:

Here in the Champlain Valley —  the area surrounding Vermont’s Lake Champlain, we’ve seen very little snow all winter long — and it’s FEBRUARY! highly unusual.

Now, logging in to WordPress, there is a blogger with pictures… of Bologna, Italy under feet of SNOW!

Anna mentions that Bologna seldom sees more than
a “couple of centimetres” of snow.

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