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When I read the following paragraph I just has to pass the “thoughts” along to readers of The Inside Scoop at

The title of the post is, What Your Blinds Say About You.

In describing “Honeycomb Shades” — which is an alternate name for Cellular Blinds or Cellular Shades — the writer recognizes that the Cellular Shades offers “a softer silhouette”, but the comment that they offer a “whisper of good taste and suggest a sophisticated aesthetic preference” made me think about the homes we love to see our shades in.

Looking at the New York Times Home and Garden section, there was a story on a British Bed & Breakfast — one reputed to have “inspired” Shakespeare and his A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But the online story had no photographs! You know, then, that I just had to seek out the B&B for myself.

Can’t you just picture yourself here? Can’t you feel the blazing heat of the fire? Can’t you feel the comfort of the two settees? Don’t you want to walk to the window and peer through those leaded-glass panes?

Here, they have paired a roman shade with heavy drapes. A customer of ours — Barb in Colorado — has done something similar by combining romans (at the top) with Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades:

When you have beautiful homes and beautiful views there is never any reason to hide it — not after you’ve discovered Beautiful Window Treatments!

“Herein lives wisdom, beauty, and increase” – Sonnet 11

On this days, Americans celebrate the “first thanksgiving”, during which people of differing faiths and backgrounds broke bread together, giving thanks.

Did it really last THREE days?! That’s the story I’ve read…

As a “holiday,” we have Abraham Lincoln to thank for Thanksgiving. It was during the midst of the Civil War — 1863 —  that a national day of thanksgiving was proclaimed for November 26. The holiday has been celebrated annually ever since.

At, we are grateful for many things: one of which is YOU! So on this day, we wish everyone

Happy Thanksgiving!

Australians are not quite “baking in summer heat” —

But look at those humidity levels! You know that it’s just a matter of time before the heat again builds to record levels.

So why am I talking intense heat in a season when the northern United States braces for COLD weather?? The simple fact is, Cellular Window Shades do duty in ALL seasons! Their insulating capabilities help keep out winter’s cold as well as summer’s heat.

While everyone on the glob is preparing for the end-of-year festivities, some forward-thinking people are thinking about their personal comfort. And that’s really what being neither too-cold nor too-hot is all about. Personal comfort and saving energy. There’s nothing like “giving back” to help generate some well-deserved “holiday cheer”.

Cellular Shades give back in several ways:

  1. by reducing your heating and cooling costs
  2. by helping to provide a temperature-stable environment
  3. by lending your home color and beautifying your decor
  4. as well, they are a durable, US-made product.

We’ve been collecting friends from Down Under: Won’t you join them? Say G’day!

NB: I must not forget to note: We ship internationally via FedEx

For the past three years Comfortex — the company who manufactures the fabric and parts uses on your window and skylight shades — has presented consumers with some fantastic tax credit programs. For 2011 the scheme seemed to happen with little fanfare, but, as we’ve heard nothing about it being continued a fourth year, 2011 may very well end this “bonus”.

read a testimonial

CLICK to read a testimonial about cellular shades & sidetracks

What is the Federal Tax Credit for which Cellular Window Blinds qualify??

Energy Efficiency Tax Credits are available on selected products for existing home. These items include Windows, Doors, insulation Products & Systems. The ComforTrack Plus Energy Sidetracks qualifies for Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency under the insulation category: The ComforTrack Plus Insulation System is specifically and primarily designed to reduced heat loss or gain in a house.

Please note: all homeowners should consult their tax advisor to determine whether they qualify for income tax credits. You may also wish to visit

The Tax Credit offered is 10% of your purchase price with a lifetime cap of $500. By the way: “tax deductible” means you can subtract the value from your taxable income — lowering the amount you pay taxes on!

Important is the time frame: you have until 31 December 2011 to get your ComforTrack shades put into service. That means, with Production Time (currently 5-10 business days) you have until DECEMBER 9th to order your side track shades from

**Ordering by December 9th enables you to receive your order
and install your shades prior to the year-end Federal Tax Credit deadline**

Once you receive your shades,

  1. keep your receipt (we can help with misplaced receipts; email us!)
  2. print out this Certificate
  3. submit IRS Tax Form 5695

Here’s a handy list of useful web information:


check out this cool testimonial about a Cellular Window Shade, with ComforTrack Plus sidetracks purchased through our sister-site Build-It-Solar had a tricky installation, but are estimating their window-storm-shade-sidetracks now has a combined R-value of 8.3! Great close-up photos of the sidetrack system.

An FYI to readers of The Inside Scoop at

Our website has a GREAT sale going on at the moment! A tiered sale, the more you purchase, the greater your savings:

  • Spend $250 or more — save $25
  • Spend $500 or more — save $75
  • Spend $1000 or more — save $200
  • Spend $2000 or more — save $500

Savings therefore range from 10% to 25% off regular prices (excluding arches and single-cell shades, which are already on sale).

You could therefore turn your home from this:

–> What Sonia, the owner, termed her “black hole” — into this –>:

See more before & after pictures on this page. Our newer additions are found further down the page — and we heartily encourage YOU to send us your before & afters! We love to see where our shades are “living”!!

With the time change, the one thing we have noticed here, at CellularWindowShades’ headquarters, is the amount of glass frontage our new building has. How *DARK* a parking lot ringed by trees becomes when you sit in a halo of light!

In addition to our Tiered Sale on skylight and window shades, is once again offering a 10% off (taken off base shade price) for the color of the month: This month’s color is GREY. So, how about a Nice Flannel for the cooler-colder weather of late Fall!?!

Our Greys include, in Double Cell Cellular Fabric:

  • TAMBOUR (dark taupe grey)
  • FLUTE (dark grey)
  • MISTY (light grey)

In Single Cell Cellular fabric:

  • DESTRA (grey)
  • TENOR (dark grey)

With the weather turning colder — even traditionally warm areas of the U.S. have experienced cooler weather lately, thoughts have been turning to windows.

How much cooler-air leaks through your windows can be the difference between comfort and turning up the heat. Or, as I was reminded yesterday by a co-worker: turning ON the heat.

Here’s a truly lovely room:

I can image curling up in one of these chairs, with the throw over the knees, that good book in hand. What happens, though, when the sun stops shining, the cool night descends and you still want to keep on reading?? Pull down your shades and you may even be able to throw off that throw!

So, how about those R-Values?

I copy some information that is found in fuller form on our website: PROVEN SAVINGS ON COOLING AND HEATING COSTS

Whenever I speak with customers, I give the R-values for “shade alone”. Everyone seems to know R-values of their windows; to that number add these R-values for the Double cell fabric:

  • Double Cell Light Filtering fabric – 2.8 R-value
  • Double Cell Black Out fabric – 4.0 R-value

Or, add these values for the Single cell fabric:

  • Single Cell Light Filtering fabric – 1.6 R-value
  • Single Cell Black Out fabric – 2.5 R-value

And how do Cellular Window Shades compare to other window treatments? We’ve got information on that too:

Looking at just R-values (our online comparison charts Energy Efficiency of Cellular Shades versus Other Window Treatments encompasses also cleanability, ease of operation, and overall product ratings),

  • 1-inch Mini blinds or Vertical Blinds – 2.3 R-value
  • Pleated Shades – 2.5 R-value
  • “Crystalpleat” Facets – 3.3 R-value
  • Applause or Duette Classic – 3.5 R-value

It might interest you, with the entry of two Hunter Douglas products (the Applause and Duette), to read this recent one-page article in This Old House magazine.

What about the ubiquitous Window Quilt? How does the Cellular Window Shade stack up? We’ve some GREAT information on all aspects of the Window Quilt versus the Cellular Shade so do read the website for further information, here I’ll just comment on the R-value:

Data includes the window this time, so the bulky Window Quilt is projected to have an R-value of 7.14 depending on the window. The comparable test with the Cellular Window Shade found the R-value to be nearly neck-and-near: R-value of 6.8, likewise depending on window glazing.

If you want to better ever those values, check out literature on the Energy-Savings Side Tracks, the ComforTrack-Plus system!

With Side Tracks, you gain more light-blocking AND also these greater R-values:

  • Double Cell Light Filtering fabric – 2.8 R-value —> 3.3 R-value + your window’s R-value
  • Double Cell Black Out fabric – 4.0 R-value —> 4.7 R-value + your window’s R-value

Now THAT is “Value” and true “bang for your buck”.

And, for the 2011 Tax Year: These shades qualify for Federal Energy Tax Credit!
(more on that subject next)

In searching for some “fellow bloggers” I came across Louisville Draperies and their post on how SUNLIGHT “enchances our mood”. Only too true! Here in Vermont we’ve had a number of days — increasingly warmer, which is no bad thing for November — of brilliant sunshine! Just makes you feel good!!

So I invite readers of The Inside Scoop at CellularWindowShades to read someone else’s take on sunlight, window treatments, and energy savings. So click on the link and prepare for some lovely accompanying photographs.

Thursday, I spoke to a woman who had installed the ComforTracks side-tracks, but was unable to pull the shade down over the crank.

She was adamant that the depth required for the side tracks — a minimum of 1 1/2 inches, but a flush mount requires 1 7/8 inches — was available on her window, yet was curious that the shade could not be pulled completely down, because of the crank handle.

Take a look at this window – its flat surface depth – its crank.

If we assume the flat surface depth is 2-inches, one can concede that tracks could be applied to this window. But look closely at the handle: it is the full depth of that flat surface! So for this window to fully accommodate a cellular window shade with side tracks, it would require the depth of 1 1/2 to 2-inches as measured from the furthest point beyond that handle.

The greatest hint I can give about measuring is NOT to measure depth with the idea of where is the point of greatest depth (for even sash windows have more depth on the upper sash than the lower sash), but where is the point of least-greatest depth.

This user could have side tracks on their window – but the shade will never clear that crank at the bottom. If the molding were straight out for another couple inches, the story would be quite different. Always remember: it is flat surface depth beyond any window obstructions like cranks, handles and locks.

For more information, see our measuring guide.

I am reminded to say that long-handled CRANKS are a thing of the past: check out our supply of T-Handles. NOTE: This will help your profile, but not solve all lack-of-depth problems.

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