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Visit the BURLINGTON HOME SHOW this weekend
and meet Gordon’s Window Decor‘s guest:

Michael will do a one-hour presenation at 12 pm and 3 pm on Saturday, 25 February 2012, and at 12:30 pm on Sunday in the Sheraton Hotel Conference room.

Michael will also be present at the Gordon’s Window Decor booths, #102 & 103.

Place: The Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, South Burlington, Vermont


In anticipation of Michael Payne’s visit to the Burlington Home Show, we post this YouTube video from Michael’s home base of LA– wouldn’t you like Michael to help with your design issues? That’s the prize for Home Show visitors on February 25 and 26th: an hour’s consultation with design Michael Payne can be yours!

We’ve unearthed some useful links about Michael Payne, so you can become better acquainted with him before his Burlington visit:

Michael Payne’s Burlington visit is sponsored by
Gordon’s Window Decor
, in Williston, Vermont.

These bulleted blogs contain some “older” posts, but if you’re a Michael Payne fan you just might not care!

Michael Payne: On the Road, had a short run (2001-February 2008); filled with houses, landscapes, and Michael Payne meeting-and-greeting fans.

Design and Tea evidently lasted only a few months, January-June 2008. Some nice design ideas via photos.

The House of Payne never got off the ground; a “welcome” message only.

Michael Payne’s Photo Blog – posts for 2007, 2008, 2009 and a couple from 2010: photos from the self-professed “serious amateur photographer”.

When I had cable, one of my favorite shows on HGTV was “Designing for the Sexes” – hosted, of course, by Michael Payne. He always had sound advice, and it was just a delight to listen to his thoughts and rationales. HGTV still carries the show (the host has changed) and you can get information on that program at

 Read the “About Michael” posting on his main webpage: how surprising that he studied physics and mathematics and was once in the computer industry!

Received over email yesterday a little tidbit from designer Michael Payne (I love his “Designing for the Sexes” show on HGTV!): Michael discusses adding color to your home decor to “enliven” your living space.

Even a “splash” of color can really give a room a little pick-me-up. My living room is a shell of warm-toned wood: oak flooring and knotty pine panels on the walls. Add to that a fantastic “fan” plasterwork ceiling and a lovely (and large!) brick fireplace flanked by two bookcases and you have the setting of a cosy evening inside while the storms swirl outside.

Color can come anywhere — from throw pillows on sofas and chairs, to a popping piece of artwork. Experiment!

Michael’s advice includes bringing in plants — something blooming (especially in the middle of winter!) is just the tonic for winter blues. Among my favorites are the ever-in-bloom begonia and the “tropical” appeal of the broad-leafed peace lily. See Better Homes & Gardens for recommendations of “24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants“!

<– Can you imagine having these plush “rose-blush” blossoms crowding in a sunny spot in your home? I can! Add a sharp straw basket planter, or my personal favorite the copper pot and you’ve added ‘zing’ to your room!

Michael stays focused on ‘windows’ by then moving from plants to tassels and curtain tiebacks. Readers of The Scoop know that the cellular shades on the window can also add that dash of color and pattern. We’ve plans to add some *NEW* light filtering fabric options in the near future — so stay tuned, and come back often to check out the latest thoughts, ideas and problem solutions.

To visit Michael Payne’s website, click here.

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