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We at take the issue of CHILD SAFETY to heart. We’ve children and grandchildren of our own to safeguard!

So we’ve introduced a new “page” on aspects to consider when outfitting a child’s room — and don’t forget that children roam, climb and play! Every room in your home should consider similar directives:

If a cordless shade is not possible for your application (ie, size or fabric restrictions), remember the following tips:

  • “Lock” cords — give cords a tug to engage the clutch – whenever shades have been lowered, including when they come to rest on a windowsill.
  • Make sure Tassel Ends (on Standard Cord Lock and Top Down Bottom Up shades) are always out of reach, whether the window treatment is raised or lowered. (Watch our YouTube video on Tassel Ends.)
  • The Breakthrough Cord Connector (also called Equalizer Box) snaps open when pressure is applied to the cord loop should a child become entangled. This exclusive Comfortex component adds an extra measure of protection by coming apart in an emergency.
  • Wrap the pull cord around a cord cleat which is securely mounted to the wall whenever the shade is not being raised or lowered.
  • Install and use the Child Safety Cord Tensioner supplied with all Continuous Cord Loop shades; inside or outside mounts are possible.

To read more, see our Child Safety page.


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