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Decorating Disasters to Avoid

Posted on: January 10, 2013

Although I typically HATE those websites that make readers click-click-click to go through a series of photographs with a short write-up, I found a number of useful “don’t dos” from Andie Huber’s web article “Never make these home decor mistakes again“.

go green

I invite you to browse the series of photos (“Go Green!”, shown above, is 10th of 11 pictures), but summarize the highlights here:

TEN Common Home Improvement Mistakes to Never Make Again

  1. Purchase sample-size pots of paint: light varies (day-to-day; room-to-room), so test “swatches” painted on various walls will save you from purchasing GALLONS of paint that you ultimately don’t want to use.
  2. Carpets, once installed, might look too small (or large!) for the room. Curtains, once hung, seem inches too short: measuring with a retracting metal tape measure will save you from errors, exchanges, or “must live with it” situations.
  3. Get comfortable with numbers if you’ve a garden or landscaping job in the planning. Their example: a garden path, 5-feet wide by 60-feet long (assuming a depth of two-inches), if packaged as .5 cubic feet per bag, would require 100 bags of (1 or 2-inch) rocks. Yow!
  4. Double check with the company whether something that turns out to have been ordered in an incorrect size, unloved color, or “It just doesn’t work for me,” is in fact returnable before you even make the purchase. Read the Policies when ordering online. CellularWindowShades, for instance, spells out everything you need to know about your custom-made-product‘s purchase. Don’t just click on the accept terms without reading the terms… Saves everyone a lot of grief.
  5. This one rather relates to No. 2 (measuring) and also No. 3 (doing the math): Take note of “quirky corners”, narrow passages, and especially the width of door openings. Don’t order a couch or fridge that can’t fit through the front door!
  6. Love throw pillows – but maybe don’t really need another one: Swear this purchase will be your last!
  7. Let your home’s decor speak about YOUR personality, rather than presenting it as straight out of the latest Ikea catalogue. Allow your “dream home” to represent your own vision.
  8. Cut the Clutter: Get rid of what is no longer used — whether clothes, toys, magazines. Think about donating what is still “good” — shelters, senior housing complexes, schools, library book sales, men & women in the armed services (be creative, depending on your item and its condition) might be greatful to accept items your household no longer can use. Look forward to point No. 9: Your first thought should not always be the trash can!
  9. Go Green! Recycle bottles (Vermont has had a bottle-ban for decades!), cans, paper, plastics. Don’t have curb-side pick-up?? — Bring recyclable materials to the dump. There’s only ONE environment, and we all share it.
  10. Recognize when a project is beyond your skill-level: Call the Pros, when you need to do so. For your own safety, as well as wallet.

measuring tapeA metal tape measure could be your BEST friend
==> see Nos. 2, 3, 4, and 5. provides a free and easy guide for measuring – don’t be sitting on a shade you can’t use!


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