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Murder in the Castle: in Basic Black

Posted on: October 12, 2012

Readers of this blog will suspect that I am an ardent fan of the Vermont publication 7 Days; today, perusing upcoming events while at lunch,

I spotted this extra-special spooktacular taking place in Proctor, Vermont on Saturday night, October 13th at:


Guests participate in a Murder Mystery! Calling all Sherlocks! Channel your inner Sir Peter Wimsey! Where’s Agatha Christie when you need her?

Wilson Castle’s Murder Mystery Live! nights
follow this basic premise:

  • Combination Dinner Theater, Scavenger Hunt, & Reality Game
  • Be yourself, or assume an identity – it’s up to you
  • You will not be asked to pretend it is another time period or setting
  • Each mystery is different, so you can come back again and again

Enjoy Cocktail hour (BYOB) between 6 and 7 PM, and take the time to “do a little exploring…. Remember, anything could be a clue, anyone in the castle could be a suspect.”

At 7 PM, Rusty Trombley, your host, will give a tour / history of the Castle – and the basics of the game. “Solving the night’s Mystery will take some keen detective work, imagination, memory, and maybe even some deception to throw off your competition. GREED and DISHONESTY is fair game.”

Food on offer to suit any diet — it’s a small buffet of hot and cold entrées, salads, cheese & crackers, fruits and sweets; complimentary water, ice tea, glasses & ice for your BYOB beverages. “Be social, get names, and be alert”!

“After intermission, you will be given exclusive rights to search this mysterious mansion and the secrets that it houses. Pay attention and watch other’s reactions. You are permitted to ‘gently Search’ in unlocked closets, drawers and rooms… At some point you will be asked for your first impressions and deductions. If you are getting close, we will step the game up a notch or send you back hunting for clues.”

Please: Semi-Formal to Formal, or period costume preferred. No shorts (brrrr!) or sandals (we’ve just spotted snow here in Williston). You may want to bring a flashlight.

* * *

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