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5 Savvy Fixes for your Home

Posted on: August 8, 2012

HOUZZ suggests “five fixes” for selling your place. I’d suggest doing these five fixes because you want a change!

A friend, on the brink of retirement, knew she’d be selling her home within a few months (this was well before the housing market bust…). She had” ALWAYS” wanted to have wood flooring (it had wall-to-wall). So what did she do shortly before her move? She had wood flooring installed. She thought it would help the house sell.

And she bought a new fridge.

I would have preferred to ENJOY these “upgrades”!

So, reading this houzz post, I just had to share with Inside Scoop readers my own experience, 15-long-years-ago.

Point #3 discusses flooring. Replace Old Carpet: “Stained or dated carpet is a HUGE turnoff…”

The best room in my house is the living room. Picture it: Large plate-glass window, flanked by double-sash windows at the front. Fireplace, flanked by shelves off to the left. Real Pine pine-panelling in an inventive tongue-and-grove installation. A masterly plastered ceiling, done with a “fan” swirl throughout. Orange shag wall-to-wall carpet…..


Well, in 1970 it was undoubtedly RUST-colored shag Wall-to-Wall. By the time I got to it twenty-five years later it had faded to orange. Truly grotesque!

But did that keep me from buying the house? In a word: No. I loved the layout, the 1940s “bones”. The space. The possibilities.

And yet, what’s the FIRST thing I did: I ripped out that Orange Wall-to-Wall Shag. Didn’t care WHAT lay beneath it. Didn’t have anything to put down once the carpet and underlay were gone. Didn’t have money to spare in extensive refinishing.

So what was under this sea of Orange Shag?? A tolerable oak-wood, in a burnished red/gold tone that sparkles in the sunshine.

visit CellularWindowShadesYes, Fairy, I *LUCKED OUT*

In short, do NOT put off till tomorrow those decor upgrades you’d KILL to be living with.

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