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Bedroom Basics, from the Nate Berkus Show

Posted on: January 10, 2012

Nate Says “You spend most of your time in your bedroom…”

 The homeowner — who’s had this bedroom for ten years — calls the bedroom “a cold box”: plain walls, crammed furniture. As it’s not a room visitors see, so this couple has left it to last. What decorating ideas does Nate have which will help them??

Five tips:

  • Start with a headboard – save space and money with no footboard
  • Bedding – take advantage of sales to change the ENTIRE feeling of a room
  • Lighting – nightstands, bed-side lamps give ambiant light a chance to add tranquility
  • Window Treatments – draperies add warmth and architecture, framing out your window shades
  • Seating – a bench or chair, one “odd” chair is great in a bedroom!

Watch the video — clicking on the image (above) will bring you to The Nate Berkus Show’s website video on Bedroom Basics.

2 Responses to "Bedroom Basics, from the Nate Berkus Show"

Hello Nate,

We live in a house that is close to the road. In the summer when we have windows open, I feel as if I am in a fishbowl when people are out walking in the evenings. I am interested in improving our privacy, and wonder about some sort of treatment on the lower half of windows, while keeping the top half open for air. Do you have a sense of whether this would look good? I have a bedroom and a TV room I would like improved privacy.

Katie Gehr
Montpelier, VT

HI, Katie —

I wish we DID have Nate Berkus here, alas you get only the CellularWindowShades Team! But we’re pretty good at answering questions of privacy.

I’ve been there myself, in my father’s home — housesitting, I’d see the tops of cars and the heads of walkers pass by the windows, inches away (it is a very narrow road; a dead-end, but with high people density).

You cannot choose better than the Top Down Bottom Up (also called the Duofold) for privacy.

You can keep the bottom of the shade down, ensuring privacy from prying eyes, but pull down the top to allow the sunlight in. We’ve THREE versions of the Duofold to choose from: the “original” Duofold, the new-introduced-in-February “Smoothy” Duofold, and the Cordless Duofold. Check them out!!

The fabric may be a consideration for your Bedroom and TV room – rather than the Light Filtering Fabric, take a look at the Black Out Fabrics. The line of Symphony Black Out fabrics block out 99% of the light, allowing for movie-watching on the sunniest day, and a deep and restful sleep thanks to blocking out things like headlights and streetlamps. See How To choose Fabrics.

We’d be happy to help with any further questions you may have. You can reach us online, on the phone, or via email. And we’re a Vermont company — so we’re even in the same state!

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