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Window Envy?

Posted on: October 27, 2011

Searching for weatherization articles, I came across the National Trust for Historic Preservation

and this FORUM called “Share Your Home’s Story” –I intensely felt that I must share this particular shared-story with readers of The Inside Scoop at

“Submitted by window envy at: Jan 25, 2010

We have 8 windows on the main floor of our 1949 minimal traditional Tudor in Salt Lake City. All were replaced with metal, double-paned, double-hungs in their original openings by the previous owner. However, now roughly 15 years later, the warranty has been expired for several years, we have one window with the insulation seal broken, and three others with the hardware broken. We just had an energy audit conducted and it confirmed our belief that the one unsealed window is the major problem until the other windows start to breakdown further. But we look at the historic photos of the house and wish we would have had the chance to change the course of this decision for the better and restore the originals rather than select new in a few years.”

Some sage words…

My house is of similar age; it still retains its original windows — for good or bad! — which are for the most part double-hung sashes with multi-lights (true divided lights) on the upper sash. Like most homeowners, I’ve had to juggle a “depressed” wallet and a bulging “to do” list. Windows, therefore, have not been high on the list. For many reasons, I’ve held off — despite the fact that, living near an airport and a four-lane highway (two lanes each direction), my home’s “peace quotient” would benefit from the sound reduction promised by a window upgrade.

“Window Envy” obviously wrote from a weatherization /energy standpoint – which is one other benefit of new windows. As well, it sounds written from an aesthetic standpoint.

How often do we read about homes being better built in the past? Hard not to think about those old windows (which perhaps went to a landfill; or to a “recycle” architecture salvage place?) being longer-lasting than the new replacement windows.

I’ve mentioned this in several earlier posts:

I’m beginning to feel at the forefront of a new “keep your old windows” movement!

Yet windows — new and old — need something to insulate their interior rooms from the cold….

This will be CellularWindowShade’s first full winter in our new quarters. We were all so happy with the move – a definite building “upgrade”. But already I can feel the CHILL AIR seeping in through the combination windows over my desk. Can you guess when I notice the cold air the most? In the morning, when I lift the shade UP! A Burl Ives “Brrrr….” to that one!

We’ve customers the world over. These months of October are a transition for us all — for some, from balmy summer months into cold winter months; others are now moving into the heat and warmth! That’s what makes Cellular Window Shades so wonderful: they help in all climates and all seasons.


3 Responses to "Window Envy?"

Excellent post again! Thanks=)

Thanks, Candis, for reading — and writing. We’re always happy to hear from folks!

Awesome post again. Thanks a lot=)

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