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Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Shades Now Available

Posted on: October 21, 2011

Although has long offered Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up shades, we’ve kept its availability pretty close to the vest…

But these are GREAT Shades! So now we’re crowing about them!


Our customers have long loved the TDBU — shorthand for Top Down Bottom Up — feature,
just read COMMENTS posted on our blog!

And see some Before and After pictures featuring TDBU shades here.

I have one of these shades over my desk, in my office. When the sun comes beaming in hot enough to fry my poor little radio, I can pull down the bottom and drop the top. The electronic is saved, but I still get the sunlight streaming in. At night I raise the top to keep prying eyes from peering in. And all the raising and lowering is done with a gentle and steady upward push or downward pull. No Strings to Tug On! — Or worse, on the TDBU, no string pooled on the floor if the shade should happen to be TALL. A fantastic advantage!


  • Cordless Top Down Bottom Up shades are operated by a handle in the middle of the bottom rail
  • Out of reach cordless shades can be operated with an optional pole
  • Cordless shades offer a safer alternative for homes with young children and pets. Learn more.
  • The White headrail has a color coordinated insert to match the fabric and bottom rail.

The CORDLESS Top Down Bottom Up, therefore, is a great deal — dare I say a STEAL — especially this month with our Cordless TDBU sale price of $40 off!

The Cordless Top Down Bottom Up is a wonderful addition to any room — living room, as seen above; dining area, as seen below; bedrooms, and children’s rooms. Anywhere where privacy might be an issue, or where strings and cords are a bother, this feature on your Cellular Window Shade will be your life-saver!

Here is a PERFECT use of a Top Down Bottom Up shade: the upper windows are left uncovered (ie, the top has been dropped down).


What’s wrong with this picture?

Searching for some *new* images of a Cordless Top Down Bottom Up shade, I found that the pickin’s were slim…

The above stock photo made me chuckle. Can you see the GIANT Crank-handles for the windows?? I first spotted it on the left side, behind the potted-plant stand: you can see the shade is fully let down, but sits at an angle on the sill. Time for a T-Handle! What’s a T-handle?? 

Take a look at our website, it not only discusses why you might want to swap out that bulky crank, but also lists via PHOTOGRAPHS all the T-Handles we carry, by color and type.



2 Responses to "Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Shades Now Available"

It is a very innovative concept in which a window can work as a door also with the help of shades.
It prevents the extra sunlight causing glaring problem.There is a variety of shades available in the market so a buyer is free to pick and choose the color and design of their own.

Hi, Jahid — that is the nice part of “custom”: not only the size and fit of the shade, but the lift and (especially) your own choice of color.

Thanks for stopping by to read; and thanks for commenting – always nice to hear from readers.

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