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Posted on: October 11, 2011

At we are all about sustainability!

If more shades can be repaired, that means less will end up in landfills. A big “hurrah!” for the planet, today and for all the tomorrows to come.

A broken string on a Symphony Shade is just one repair easily handled by our Production Team. The person doing the repair just might be the very person who built your shade!

I spoke with a women yesterday who called CWS in frustration: the online company that sold her her shade was proving less than helpful in getting her shade repaired.

The longer we spoke, however, something far more insidious cropped up:

Originally (in 2002), this customer had ordered a Hunter Douglas shade. In 2008, she sent in her shade for repair; got a working shade back in return. Now – 2011 – she’s again got a problem; sent in the shade to Hunter Douglas only to realize that three years ago she didn’t receive her own shade back, repaired, she received a replacement shade! Hunter Douglas sent back her shade with the phrase that cut direct to the end of the tale: “Not our shade; contact the manufacturer.”

Surprising that she had not noticed the switch, but it made me think of small print websites might have about repairs…

With you can be sure that the shade you ship to us, returns to you!

Shade modifications such as a cutdown or fabric replacement may be possible to save your shade, but you also want to ask yourself “Is this shade worth repairing?”

A good rule of thumb is to calculate how much a new shade would cost; factor into that calculation what your current shade looks like: Is its fabric in good condition? If it is dingey, can it be cleaned?

If the shade fabric looks like the shades in this post and the photo at right, it is probably impossible to get that shade back to “almost good as new condition”: The top shade came in for repair, but it is the same fabric and color of fabric as seen in the bottom half of the photo. (Eeek!)

When the cost to repair is more than ½ the cost to replace the shade (depending on age), you probably should elect NOT to repair or modify the shade. We have, once or twice, sent back shades that, due to age, were not good candidates for the modification desired. Most restring requests have been attempted, even when the fabric has the looks of a very used car filter. We do always ask, however, that you vacuum your shade, and please do not use packing peanuts!


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Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

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