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Sun Gets in Our Eyes…

Posted on: March 23, 2011

By the time you read this blog, we will have been settled into our new premises for three weeks!

Here’s a quick peek at our “web” area:

My colleague was saying just the other day, “I’ve a good idea for a blog post — when we moved, we lost our shades, and really miss them!”

Only too true: on cold days (as these early days of March have been here) the chill just seeps right through the windows and walls; while on sunny days — which are such manna after the long, dark winter (as any northerner will tell you) — the sun gets right in your eyes. Well that’s not helped by the position of the desks (as you can see).

Still, while we don’t mind curling-up, cat-like, to bask in the sunshine we — who are in the window shade business! — have seen for ourselves how well our LIGHT FILTERING shades fabrics truly filter out the sun. Blinding light, as well as heat.


2 Responses to "Sun Gets in Our Eyes…"

Ugh! I so know what you mean! We moved into a new house last week and have no window shades (our previous house was completely outfitted in your shades and we miss them dearly) so I’ve taken to hiding in the closet to get dressed and slinking down under the window on the way to the bathroom. I try VERY hard to look like I know what I’m doing while I cook as my kitchen has three windows that look out on the street so hopefully any nosy neighbors that look in at least think I look like a competent cook! Can’t wait to get my new shades in.
– Sonia (or Exposed in Wisconsin!)

Hi, Sonia!

Ah you gave our Web Team a great chuckle…

Truly, though, let me just say that I appreciate your shyness around those “exposing” windows. I’m the only one on my street who pulls down shades at night (!); like you, I couldn’t live without window coverings, just from the privacy point of view…

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, Sonia, so thanks for commenting. Our Team looks forward to helping you in any way we can, once your new shades arrive! And: Congratulations on the new home!!

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