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ABC News: Made in the USA

Posted on: March 1, 2011

ABC News has been focusing on “Made in America” the last couple weeks. Last evening’s news broadcast actually denuded an entire house of ALL goods that were not Made in the U.S.!

Actually, I was surprised, not at the items made in China that this family owned (lamps; beds; tableware; even their daughter’s American Girl doll collection, etc.), but the goods from Indonesia, Pakistan, or Japan. Did they shop on vacation a lot, for haunt the likes of Pier One Import stores??

View the video:

Here’s the couch going; the rug will be next; the curtains will not be staying either. In the end, the house was stripped of goods: even staples likes stove and refrigerator. The kitchen sink was found to have been US-made.

The ultimate goal in this series is to see a household supplied only with American-made goods. We know they will succeed (surely…), but how tough will it be?

Meet the Usry family from Dallas — husband, wife, two kids and a dog — who are participating in the series:

The series has already looked into souvenirs obtainable at museum shops in Washington, D.C. “Are Capitol museums selling American goods?” The answer turned out to be ‘no‘. With wholesale prices somewhat higher for American-made items like flag pins, baseball hats, or presidential busts, the goods for sale in these most “American” of museum shops were uniformly “Made in China“.

We at know that if you seek to cover your windows and skylights with shades that are Made in America you need look no further. Our factory’s Production Team not only manufactures your shades (by human hands rather than automated machines), our parts and fabrics are American-made as well.



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Spoke to a customer this weekend who’s shades are 20 years old. She raises and lowers them 3 to 4 times every day and needed only one repair – a restring. What a tremendous savings for her in time, replacement costs and energy – to say nothing of the landfill. Its because of our great “Made in America” components and craftsmanship that our shades ultimately become so inexpensive compared to those over running the market now that are virtually disposables.

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