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Posted on: January 13, 2011

Do you like books? Or, are you like me and you LOVE books!?

Checking out my favorite book website, a search on decorating brought up this interesting find:

Domino: The Book of Decorating Room-by-Room Guide to Creating a Home that Makes You Happy

Home owners and apartment dwellers alike will find nuggets of information on colors, schemes and decorating suggestions — but no one on the design team thought (in 2008) to include cellular window shades when discussing curtains and window shades (pages 240-245)! So we are presented with the “usual suspects”: roller shades, “matchstick” (natural wood “mat-type” blinds) shades, venetian blinds, and then move off into the fabric shades: romans, balloons, etc.

Recommended for its look at “pattern” and blackout versus sheer versus opaque window treatments, there’s a GREAT page on inside versus outside mounting of your shades, especially for those who want the illusion {great word!} of wider or taller or longer windows.

Of interest is the section on CONSIDER LEAVING WINDOWS BARE. What do they put down as instances of when to consider this option?

  • When you want to accentuate a drop-dead view in a public room (living room or dining room).
  • When you want to highlight elaborately carved moldings.
  • When you have a pared-down room that begs for windows “free from frippery”.

So let’s consider these points. I live on a “neighborhood” street; unlike everyone else, I would never consider living or dining room so public that I had nothing in the windows that I could close at night! This seems a great suggestion if you live in Manhattan…. or on an island in the Pacific…

Carved moldings can be easily highlighted with an inside mount of your cellular shade. Perfect fit within the frame of wood!

As to the last, well, “frippery” certainly is the antithesis of the clean crisp look of cellular shades.

In short, check out this delightfully-presented design source:

Some reader reactions:

  • “I am a major Domino fan.”
  • “…a terrific book for beginner decorators and people in their twenties to thirties.”
  • “More often [than] not decorating books are just eye candy; after read[ing] them once you are satisfied but done. This is NOT the case with Domino’s first book. The domino team has managed to create a book that you will keeping reading…”

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