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Time for a Change

Posted on: August 27, 2010

The other day a couple sent in three aged cell shades for fabric replacement. They was tired of the well-worn and wanted to begin partly anew. Trouble is, they must begin more anew than they had hoped! The shades they sent in are past salvaging.

There does come a time when even the best product is so tired, worn, dirty, sunned that the best thing you can do is start fresh. Just think, if, like this couple, you owned your cellular shades for 17 years!

Let’s play a little game, for which I will round up calculations for a bit of easy math:

Say you pay today $200 for a shade, and that shade looks sorry after 20 years of being in constant use in a dusty environment; forced air heat in the winter, open windows in the summer. Do the calculations: that shade “cost” you only $10 per year! Gosh, that’s barely 2½¢ per day. It gave great service, no? But it looks a bit worse for wear now…

Certainly you could look into replacing the fabric; rather like a car getting a new engine or at the very least some  bodywork to take care of rust and a new paint job! But you still maybe have something no longer ‘state of the art’. Strides in the blindcrafting industry happen every day. One thing to weight in this decision is the cost of “updating” your old blind versus the cost of something totally new — all the parts seen and unseen.

Only you, the homeowner, can make that decision.

To get back to my older couple: They are in a bit of a hard-spot. Their product is not quite being made anymore! Comfortex, who manufactured their original shades, have not only changed and upgraded the shades in this model line, they have changed the specifications. My couple can no longer obtain what they had due to the SIZE of their shades, which are no longer made to the modest width (57-inches) they had been able to purchase in 1993. (Today’s specs are under 36-inches for one model; under 48-inches for a second model.) They have no choice but to continue to “make due” (which no one should have to do!) or to scrap what they have and search for a totally new shading system. A tough choice, especially in this economic climate.

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