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Skylight Tutorial

Posted on: July 21, 2010

Now that we’ve grabbed your attention with the idea of saving some $$$ with the purchase of a skylight shade — let’s discuss a few terms and talk about exactly what you receive when you buy a CellularWindowShades skylight blind.

Talking on the phone with customers, I confused one by using what here, at, is a pretty interchangeable term: Skylight and Balcony Shade. They are one and the same, so don’t be put off when we switch terminology on you!

CellularWindowShades manufacturers your actual shades, but Comfortex, the company who makes the fabric and parts, has what they call the SYMPHONY line of Cellular Shades. That’s why you find colors with names like Alto, Cadenza, Aida; and the rather quaintly-spelled Chordless lift mechanism — they all relate to musical terms and vocabulary.

So now that you know, whether talking SKYLIGHT SHADE or BALCONY SHADE (or even Balcony Skylight Shade!), we are all on the same page as far as product goes, what arrives at your home or business when you order a Skylight Shade from

The typical application has the shade opening from the bottom, upwards, as in this picture above. You can see that the “pleats’ of the honeycomb fabric (a LIGHT FILTERING fabric in this instance) runs horizontally across the shade.

You can think of the entire unit as being made up of a set (on the left and right) of “tracks” and a cellular shade, with a head and bottom rail. Here’s how it all fits together to work in bettering your energy savings, year-around:

The POLYCARBONATE track system is heavy-duty and provides superior insulation (as well as light blocking). There are color-coordinated inserts for these tracks:


The shade itself is best seen in this exploded view:

Here you see the brackets, at top and bottom, that do all the work and actually attach your Balcony shade into the well of the skylight. The moving middle bar — with its central handle — is where fingers or our Balcony Pole attaches in order to move the shade up and down (ie, open or close).

We get a fair amount of calls, from customers wondering what those Balcony Poles look like — well, we can satisfy such curiosity here! The poles themselves, in a 6-foot and a 12-foot model, telescope out to those lengths, depending on the height required for reaching your skylight(s). The attachment for this model of blind looks rather like a cork-screw with a finger on the end. But rather than listening to me describe here’s a couple of pictures to speak where mere words fail:

The pole end screws onto the pole and the “finger” will grasp on to the handle. An easy push upwards, and the shade opens! An easy pull downwards, and it’s closed. Simple as that!

Still uncertain about purchasing a Skylight shade from CellularWindowShades? Ask for our working model – it comes with all the parts and an actual shade. Details on how to order working models for any of our shade products can be found on our website.


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